Aliexpress dropshipping options? (plugins, software)

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    I've searched the web many hours but I also found out that on a message board people still come with viable options that I didn't find myself.

    Now, by far my favorite is the plugin from Yaros, it is probably the most versatile plugin and I will probably purchase his plugin but there are a few things I am missing and these are:
    • lack of themes, his plugin, unless you are a WP coding master, only work with his themes and currently there are only 2 and a third in beta testing.
    • no customer login (or maybe i just missed it but the people I know that run his themes don't have that option)
    • giftcards, discount codes (might have overlooked it also but don't see it anywhere)
    Now I firmly believe design can make a big difference and I like to stand out, I know several people who use his plugin, and don't take me wrong, his themes look clean but most of their sites look the same, except a different logo and text, so it is easy for me to recognize it is a aliexpress dropship website and I don't want people to recognize my site and directly know what is the deal.

    I also missing a customer login, it is easier for the customer for future purchases so they don't have to fill in all their details again and it is easier to send out a newsletter.

    Besides that I think his plugin is the best for it's money, you need to purchase a new licence for every new website you design but it's OTO but I might have overlooked things.

    While researching options I stumbled on woocommerce. It seems a viable option at first, you can choose between loads of customizable themes but to actually get it to run with woocommerce and aliexpress it will cost you a LOT in the end, I am talking $500-1000 and that is not for life but reoccurs every year.

    Then shopify with oberlo, sames issue as with woocommerce.

    So, any other options that doesn't cost a ton and have the features I look for?
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    What features are you looking for? Aliexpress? Woocommerce doesn't cost anything. I don't use Shopify anymore, because it's mostly a reskin of Woocommerce anyway. (If you check the shipping it's a direct copy of that.) But there are a ton of aliexpress plugins although, none as good as obrelo.