1. Cyw1z

    All In One Subscription [Access to our massive library of WordPress Themes & Plugins, Templates and All the Tools you need!]

    You'll get access to a wide range of tools and services, including WordPress themes and plugins, Templates and more. Here are some of the things you will get: Access to almost all wordpress themes and plugins listed on themeforest. Tools like Semrush, Grammarly ,Quillbot ,Canva and many...
  2. arian32

    need to crack the php code

    Hi, dear friends I need to crack this php code please <?php require_once TEMPLATEPATH . "/inc/framework/main-tabe.php"; require_once TEMPLATEPATH . "/inc/framework/city.php"; require_once TEMPLATEPATH . "/inc/framework/printme.php"; require_once TEMPLATEPATH . "/inc/framework/posttypes.php"...
  3. Sam1s

    plugin exclude from robots.txt

    Is it ok to exclude plugins directory from robot.txt in wordpress site ? does it affect anything ?
  4. R

    Plugins Recommendations

    Hello, Is ultimate blocks a good plugin? Need for table, social, emails, custom stuff. Is installing an AIO plugin like ultimate blocks good than installing 4-5 individual plugins? And for cache - WP super cache or Wp rocket? The domain is behind cloudflare so cloudflare is there, will it...
  5. shawn_007

    Gutenberg Vs. Classic Editor : Your comfort level

    Hello Friends, Which editor do you use for your Content pages or Blog posts? Do you also use additional plugin / blocks to beautify or enhance your blog post ? What challenges do you face with Gutenberg or Classic editors? Thank you! Appreciate each one for your responses in advance.
  6. Nw_Work

    Any plugin for visitor to publish text to website and it remains available on page?

    Great if plugin has approval before post, this is not referring to guest post feature but more like a job board kind of thing but not that too idea is letting visitor to describe their problem and it will be left on a list/board/page where as time goes requests from visitors would build up and...
  7. EasySunshine

    Best WP plugin to import a subreddit's images?

    Hey gang, I'm wondering what the best wordpress plugins are to import all of a subreddits images - as images - as they're posted - into a wordpress install. I'm assuming it will use RSS and be one of the main autoblogging plugins. Looking for the quickest and easiest methods. Thanks in...
  8. R

    Where is that thread?

    That thread where someone found a trick to download all themeforest themes and plugins for free?
  9. HollywoodToday

    I need wordpress plugins that auto add images to article posts

    1. Can anyone suggest some wp plugins that will automatically add multiple non-copyright images to my article posts and must be RELATED to the title keys. 2. Can anyone suggest some wp plugins that will automatically add 1 RELATED VIDEO to my post too? I have tried Magic image poster but it...
  10. dAnilTanwar

    Why I should always use the latest Plugins and WordPress version?

    Today, I checked my website dashboard. There I received a message for updating my WordPress. Also, I checked that my plugins not updated. Please help me to know why I should always use the latest Plugins and WordPress version?
  11. Muhatrima

    Any Plugin That Can Do This Magic! ?

    I have seen a website that is using normal Newspaper x Theme, but once this website is visited on mobile, then it loads like an app (First the posts can be navigated through swipe!, if you swipe left or right, one is able to navigate directly to either previous post or next post, so no need to...
  12. T

    These plugins slow down your WordPress

    “There’s a plugin for that” is a long-time notion in the global WordPress community. In one way it’s a positive example of the flexibility of WordPress, but on the other hand it has created a mind-set of “everything should be solved using plugins”. We know slow WordPress plugins is one of the...
  13. UnusualSubstance

    Best wordpress plugins for security?

    I know there is wordfence. What's the best ones free or paid? Thanks. Its about time I took security seriously.
  14. Themer


    Quick introduction to our service: You can purchase premium themes & plugins from our store listed above for a fraction of the original price. You can either purchase a single item or a one time subscription for unlimited downloads. Following are the plans and pricing. Please note there is an...
  15. Josh Saga

    Themes/Plugins Advice

    Hello All, I'm here to ask what else you can recommend as a must-have plugin for my site to run properly and fast - including mandatory plugins as well that you think I should have. It's for my first affiliate blog site. I'm also a member of Festinger's Vault so I don't worry about the pricing...
  16. gentishady

    Top Plugins to use on a new Wordpress website ?

    Hello BHW Fam, how are you ? I'm starting out with Wordpress, I need to know what are your top efficient plugins you use so the website won't be overloaded and heavy etc.. What are the recommended plugins everybody uses ? Such as Lead Capture,security ... ? Thanks alot
  17. H

    What is the name of this wordpress plugin for affiliate

  18. alishakapoor

    Need wordpress plugin where user can enter location

    And results show up as the selected location? Can anyone give the name of any such plugins for wordpress Thanks!
  19. RoyalOffshore

    [GUIDE] Extension #7 To My Money Making Guide: ♛Securing your Wordpress Website!♛ [PLUGINS]

    ♛ This post is a 7th extension of my Money Making Guide... surely not the last! ;) You should read these first to be able to understand what's this about ♛ ♛ MOVIESITE GUIDE ♛ How To Build And Earn Money With Movie/Trailer Site And Publicly Available Videos [GUIDE] Extension #1 To My Money...
  20. hellis

    Avoid These 65 Slow Loading WordPress Plugins

    Which Plugin Is Slowing Down Your WordPress Website? I’ve been using WordPress for a very long time and tested hundreds of WordPress plugins. Below is a list of slow loading plugins that will slow down your website. Note that I have personally tested the below plugins and your experience with...
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