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Affiliate web store interest?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by towelfox, Dec 21, 2014.


would you find this useful?

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  1. towelfox

    towelfox Junior Member

    Jan 11, 2012
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    I've been a long time reader and non contributed at bhw until now but I'd like to see whether there is any interest in a project I'm working on. It works well but I haven't tested to any great scale yet. It might be one of those it works for me and I'll keep it for me if nobody finds it useful. We will see. Anyway;

    I have seen a few Amazon affiliate store deals whereby a web store is generated in a given niche and populated with products and info from the Amazon api. I made myself one such website using magento but canned it because magento is a resource hog and seems like overkill. It was also limited in what it does so I had a rethink and a re-code. What I now have is based on Laravel php framework and works as follows.

    A website has many products and every product has many (if you like) affiliate links. Each affiliate link belongs to an affiliate network. Currently Amazon, affilinet, affiliate window or clickbank but if the network has an api providing pricing information and/or availability then it can be added easily. Each link also belongs to a particular merchant and every product can belong to a single brand so its really simple to structure a large store. I added the ability to add reviews to each product because its reviews people are often searching for.

    Now, I mentioned that every product can have multiple links. I did this because I was frustrated at seeing visits from the UK, where I live not clicking through to a product because I was only targeting Amazon in the US. This is no longer a problem because I can list a single product but use geotargeting so that the link displayed is relevant to the visitors location either a local amazon or whatever other merchant from whichever network. Using the same method I can also restrict availability to certain locations which I imagine is useful when looking to keep the networks happy by avoiding sending junk traffic.

    I've coded it to make good use of caching so its actually quite resource friendly, it has an excellent user interface (imho) and it updates prices and availability automatically. It can drag products etc in automatically from amazon specifically but I don't really like that because we end up with duplicate content and it's a bit crappy but I guess some people like that!

    I've talked a lot about this being used as a web store but because of the structure it can very easily be set up as a review site/blog or even a product comparison site. Its nearly finished and I'll get a lot of use from it. I'll never release the codebase but I might consider running it as a managed service in the future but my question to bhw is this. Would you find it useful? If not, what would make it more attractive? Cheers
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