affiliate maketing

  1. dawoodkhan97

    [METHOD] How I made $12k in affiliate commissions by commenting on Reddit posts

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've again started visiting BHW. Everything that I've learned has been from reading case studies and methods here that worked. I guess it's time I did one myself to give back to the community. I wanted to share a strategy on how I made 15K in traffic and...
  2. starforce

    Which course/ebook do you suggest?

    Hi everyone, Hope you are doing well. For long time now i am watching educational videos on tiktok as much as i can for Ai, Seo and affiliate marketing. But dont know which AI tool for generating articles should i choose so i can start posting on my site and make money. I am open to buy an...
  3. A

    Need advice on spreading a free trial

    I'm trying to advertise an affiliate offer with an investment platform that offers the user a free trial for 7 days without requiring a deposit. I get paid per sign up to the trial. I'd like to know what ideas you have about spreading a trial very efficiently? I need volume, I've tried mass...
  4. seojen

    What Products/Services to Promote to Women 40+

    We are thinking of creating a community of women living in US aged 40+ . What do you guys think these ladies like to buy or spend money on?
  5. D

    Crypto CPA Offer makes me Profitable for the First Time - wiling to Scale it to 100k Month

    Hi Guys I am with Affiliate marketing for years and years and tried multiple niches and makes some decent money as well but i did not scale big like 10-20 k daily. Now a days I am working with Crypto Offers and running campaign in DE and AT via Google Ads and it's working. My Funnel is just...
  6. Shawerma

    Earning 800$-1000$ Passive income from NSFW adult subreddit traffic, I can guide you on how to do it with your niche and how to grow your subreddit

    This method works for a lot of niches [Affilaites links / Selling proxies / Crypto / Media services / etc...], I am still new to monetizing my subreddits, so for now, I will share my top tips on how to get traffic to your subreddit: 1. The subreddit name The subreddit name is the most...
  7. H

    Can I post 20 tiktoks per day on 1 account?

    If I post 20 tiktoks per day, will I not get banned or shadowbanned? Thank you in advance!
  8. ekuin0x

    Scraping +1M emails with user's data from LinkedIn, Is it worth?

    So I've been writing some python code lately to scrape millions of emails from LinkedIn with the user's data (full name, job ,location, phone number, email....), but I read somewhere that email lists are a dead business and people are no more interested in buying them so I am posting here to see...
  9. R

    Best Nutra networks with fast payments.

    What's the biggest Nutra network specifically for Keto products you've worked with? That offers fast payment (twice a week, weekly) ? Or auto payments is even better? Networks like, Deluxe etc.
  10. W

    What is the best paid traffic source to promote affiliate marketing offers

    Hello I have 2 websites which I write some reviews about different affiliate marketing products from Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warriorplus and few more from Shareasale. I usually promote using free traffic sources from youtube videos, Instagram, tiktok, facebook, quora, improving seo on my websites for...
  11. P

    Earned $12600 in a month using Free Traffic Strategy promoting Affiliate products

    Previously in another thread I posted here my journey using 2800 websites with high traffic which they accept affiliate products l, to make free traffic campaigns posting that kind of products. I earned so far $5636 after I posted manually during 13 days in the whole list with 2800 websites...
  12. H

    RevShare sucks!!!

    I am promoting Royal Cams of Crakreveue. 74 conversions and not even a single penny of profit. My traffic comes from the watermark of reuploaded porn. Most of from US, France, Canada, UK. What's wrong? Or is there anything wrong? How long should I wait until I can see some results?
  13. P

    Looking for a traffic strategy that works the best for begginers in CPA and affiliate marketing

    Recently I'm start doing CPA business and yes I already try to promote some offers in Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, Tiktok, Twitter. And even with 1000 followers average in each social netwok I can barely get traffic to posts (100 views on youtube, tiktok videos, 50 views on...

    Top Quality Lead Generation Needed.

    I am looking to hire someone for top notch quality for lead generation. Leads will be for people who wants to buy male enhancement products probably male in old age but conversion should be good and high. I need at least name, phone number and email address. Money is not the issue i can pay very...

    Lead generation for nutra buyers.

    I need help with lead generation for male enhancement nutra products. Someone please help or point me in right direction. i need following details: FULL NAME PHONE NUMBER EMAIL ADDRESS PRODUCT THEY ARE INTERESTED IN. I am uploading a sample file as well please check. i used to buy the same data...

    Generate inbound calls. Male enhancers.

    Hello, Can anyone help me or tell me how to generate inbound calls for male enhancement buyers? For example tech support inbound calls.
  17. ImB4ne

    Website + DHGate Affiliate Program (Products) any opinions? would be a waste of time?

    hi everyone , new around BHW .. sooo let's begin I want to create a website or a blog where to post products from DHgate, now... i'm thinking if it will be a waste of time or i should give it a try... i really don't know, any opinion or answers will be good...
  18. mrFabulous

    How to find Affiliate Programs that don't have much requirements?

    Most popular Affiliate Programs require you to have a website with high traffic or social media following. How can I find Affiliate programs that dont have such requirements?
  19. Whtbirch

    My first journey to $1,000 a month. What will come out of it?

    Hi everyone, Before I start my first journey, I'm going to share with you a little story of how I started making money online thanks to IM without having a penny in my pocket, as well as tell you about my minor successes that I managed to achieve by promoting affiliate offers. So, I started...
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