Adworkmedia trouble


Jul 25, 2012
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Major noob here. I was recently accepted by adworkmedia and I am trying to figure it out still. I see the campaigns but there is no way for me to use them with my link locker. I realized this and now I am wondering if I can set up a content locker on a blogger blog and then set up email submit/zip content lockers on it. Can anyone help me? I tried searching for it on here but I never found any posts that clarified it. Thanks ahead of time!
yea, it's possible, see?
i made this ~2 years ago, i used pyronaut's code from here:
and edited the old blogger template, honestly i cannot remember exactly what part of the code went where in the template, i tried a few times and finally i got it right :), so just try it

i'll send you the template if you're unable to do that, but not now, i need to go

another option: content lock pro
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