1. S

    Post randomly deleted

    Hello, insta asked me to verify my phone number inside the app so I did and seconds after my posts just disappeared, I had 28 posts now I only have 8 left and idk how to get them back, I checked in archived posts as well but they weren’t there, I also saw that a few more people had this problem...
  2. Noah Hawryshko

    I Need Some Inspiration. Share Your Success with CPA?

    Starting up in a couple days. Have all the resources required to get about 150-200 social media posts out daily. I'm doing Facebook group niche-targeted CPA and am quite concerned that I'm simply not going to get any leads. I'm curious about others though. If you're successful (and comfortable...
  3. Noah Hawryshko

    I'll Help you With Your Windows Stuff

    I'm a Windows programmer that knows Batch. If your Windows stuff isn't working, I'll help get it to work, no strings attached, just PM me a description of your problem and I'll help you troubleshoot. The language in itself might be useless, but the underlying understanding of the command line...
  4. B

    Adworkmedia trouble

    Major noob here. I was recently accepted by adworkmedia and I am trying to figure it out still. I see the campaigns but there is no way for me to use them with my link locker. I realized this and now I am wondering if I can set up a content locker on a blogger blog and then set up email...
  5. T

    Moneybookers vs Paypal?

    As many of you are familiar with secondeye's paypal verification service, I need some help on a decision. Many people use paypal and I would like to have a verified account. I plan on putting my plan to make money soon, but I need to know the accepted methods of payment. I do not and cannot get...
  6. ramtripper

    The Best Method To Raising Your SERPs

    I'm a little stuck at this point. My site has been fluctuating from page 4 to page 2 and back to page 4 for over 4 months and ive been doing SEO on it for 8 months. It's for a competitive niche, but still, it's like whatever I do at this point doesn't get me anywhere. What is the most...
  7. 1swag

    Having Trouble Ranking Try SpiderTest?

    I came across a website which generates a Statistics Report based on web spiders. With spider test you can actually see the Top 20 most occurring words on the page (excluding 'common' words),Number of words on page, ect .... hxxp://
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