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Advice wanted: low engagement on 150K+ account

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by peanutstyle, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. peanutstyle

    peanutstyle Newbie

    Apr 16, 2017
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    Hi guys,

    New on this forum and hoping someone can help me out and give me some advice on my account!

    Short story I'm making a living running a personal account in the fashion niche and my growth is completely stuck, after having succesfully grown it using bots and follow/unfollow.

    Longer version, sorry for the long read: I started this account as a personal account 5 years ago and changed it to a fashion account when I realized it would be good to promote my blog - I'm posting only original content. Growth was good from the beginning as I was very active, but since I wanted to speed it up I started to follow/unfollow and later on use Instagress. I then grew my account from 10K - 110K in a year (2015).

    After this the algorithm changed and I kinda got stuck and only grew 20K in a year. I found out that botting and follow/unfollow hurt my algorithm and quit this altogether. Notice I'm only talking about follower count as my engagement didn't really grow over the process, since 15K I was always around 1000 likes. At one point I started boosting this with apps and later on buying likes as I didn't want to login to third party apps.

    When statistics got introduced I was quite disappointed to see I only got a 5k - 7k reach on my posts while I was running a 130K account. I learned from statistics, improved my content and am now getting 7k - 20k reach on posts, which I still feel is pretty low. I also tried loop giveaways and comment groups for growth, but didn't feel they had the effect I expected. I am currently at the point where I've started buying followers as well, as I'm afraid competition might catch up, 150K is a nice follower number but it isn't super big and I really want to hit 200K soon.

    In the long run buying isn't going to help me out so I'm really curious to hear thoughts, what can I improve, what tactics to use to grow this account? I've checked the shadowban but don't think I am banned. Since it's a personal account starting a new one isn't really an option.. Just hoping to hear some thoughts!
  2. som

    som Registered Member

    Sep 2, 2016
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    Your algorithm became hurt because you were buying likes and using bots. Follow/unfollow didn't hurt your algorithm. But you can easily gain more engagement. Your a big page so it want be too had to join engagement groups with other big accounts. This will help boost your instagram account growth and reach and soon enough your account will be back on track!