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    Hey guys,

    Been a member here forever with different name. Need some help with a webcam site I started with my partner. We need some Adult SEO work done. I saw a post on e-lance that kinda mirrors what we're looking for. What does something like this cost? We were using GSA before this but everyone is saying it only hurts us in the long run.

    we have an online adult web cam site that we need to get ranked higher.

    We are looking for a professional link building team who can provide permanent FOLLOW links on blog sites and related sites that will link back to us and also generate traffic.

    I don't want any links from sites that are fake high PR either!
    All links urls to be emailed to me before you upload so you will be required to email a list of all the sites URL which you will be placing the links BEFORE you place them. We will check them to ensure only quality related links are being used first before they are built.

    We are looking for a person to work over a period of 6 months with approx 60 links per month/ 2 per day - QUALITY is better than QUANTITY.

    You will use our supplied email address for all submissions and provide usernames and passwords for any site you sign up to to load the link/article/blog/image.

    No more than 2 articles or blogs per IP address (including subnet ip)
    eg: & will be considered the same ip range.

    Do not upload to same ip in same month. Each month must be 60 unique IP's for each link.

    We want a mixture of Articles, Blogs & Image links. In time we will provide a video that we also want uploaded and back-linked.

    We will not accept poor links on unrelated sites so don't think you will be able to post to random directories and just say its related or the will be knocked back.

    -We need to see the URL/anchor text or image/link type (article/blog/forum/directory/etc)
    -no link farms
    -no black hat
    -professional articles
    -no fake PR
    -minimum PR1
    -Mix of PR 1-5
    -All links must be permanent
    -Any dropped links must be replaced so don't post links that will expire

    We expect a weekly update on time at the same time each week. Miss a week and the job will STOP and we'll find anther company.

    You must bid for a weekly amount, job will continue every week for at least 6 months. Each week you agree to send us a list of 60 links you plan to build in a report, once approved an milestone will be setup. Once the 60 links are completed we will release milestone and do the same again for minimum 26 weeks. If you're good this will continue on to another websites and much more work.


    This job is for a real professional link builder who uses manual link creation. We don't want any social media post - THEY DONT WORK!