A host that will treat customer with decency/respect?

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by jstorm, Aug 31, 2012.

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    I have absolutely had it with Godaddy's hosting - been disgruntled for years but fear what messing around with changing will do...however, things are so bad now with the G-monster and everything else, and Godaddy takes the word of a stealing lying thief over a 12 year, loyal customer to add insult to injury, so I think now is the time to get this devil out of my life.

    In a nutshell, what I'm seeking is a host that would TALK to a web site owner and treat them with respect when some idiot competitor files a bogus copyright complaint just to try to hurt you, as opposed to taking down a whole web site for a stupid 230 x 170 pixel image of a food item that anyone could be using because it was sold in a package.

    I don't mind taking down a stupid picture to just stop the morons who think this is a game. I'm happy to work with everyone and reach a solution that will just make the whining babies STFU. I'm reasonable, honest and want no trouble - just want to run my own little business and keep trying to succeed enough to pay the bills. No small little pic of a food item is worth this hassle. But I would like to be treated like a human being who's livelihood is their web site(s).

    So I am looking to get a new host. I have 7 or 8 sites, 4 of which are rather large. They are all hosted with Godaddy. I would like to move them all. I see a lot of you seem to really like HostGator - do they just take down sites on a whim or would they call/email to tell me we have a problem before doing so? If they are reasonable about a matter like this, I will go with them at the recommendation of so many I've seen here.

    NOTE, this has only happened twice in the past 12 years and from only ONE stupid idiot with a horribly done site who has scraped MY CONTENT. I have never ,in all these years, had any other complaints. If I could afford a lawyer I'd get one but I just can't .

    I trust y'all here at BHW so am begging for some advice on this - this is so very important to me. Thank if you if you endured my rant. I promise I don't do this often - am just at my wits end today. :help: