1. jeanfrank

    Did you guys buy the Hostgator hosting plan?

    Recently, I tried to buy their hosting, but the page always shows an error message. I can not understand. I have contacted support. They said I should buy with another email address. What is the hell? I created an account with the primary email address, but why should we use another email...
  2. PassiveJ

    Being Charged For SSL With HostGator?

    Hi, was wondering if anyone else is in this boat? Paid for 2 x SSL (for 2 x sites) with hostgator last year, shortly before they started giving them away for free. Now noticed they have charged a renewal fee for each SSL. But new customers get for free wtf?
  3. doctorhm007

    Does this have any negative impact on my SEO or rankings?

    Hello, yesterday I migrated my site from Hostgator to Vultr, and as you know the first step was to install a fresh installation on the new server IP: server_ip/wp-admin, after that I updated DNS. Now I can access my site from the domain AND the new server ip. My question is: does it have an...
  4. RooT-00

    Hostgator Domain Discount Code

    Hey guys, I was trying to buy a domain from Hostgator but it costs 13$, So anyone can help with a discount code? tnx in advance Sorry for bad english
  5. Ezzocard

    How to buy hosting on Hostgator and not be locked?

    I just created an account on Hostgator, but right after payment my account was locked. I got a message that I need to verify personal info to verify my payment and to activate my account. Any idea how to buy hosting there and not be locked?
  6. bragia

    Website Speed problems

    Hello all First of all sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker I am experiencing some problems with the server response that a site of mine is providing, I made a test in bytecheck and the time to get the first bity is too high I also checked with Google...
  7. Olusola David

    HostGator Affiliate is a Scam!!!

    Guys I've been promoting Hostgator hosting on my blog for months now and have been making sales with lots of link clicked on my blog. Yet none was credited to me as affiliate sales. It's not fair I have several articles on it ranking first page but its all a waste now! If you are trying to...
  8. P

    i'm Really want help EXOCLICK

    i was have adult tube but for problem with hostgator about F***** cpu usage and resources limits i get to close the site and refund money from hostgator for my bad luck . my earrings in exoclick is 19.35$ and i send they at email , they told me can't do anything should be 20$ what should i do...
  9. E

    HostGator 75% Off

    Hi people, I just received email from HostGator offering me 75% off for: - Cloud Hosting (75% off) - Wordpress Hosting (75% off) - VPS Hosting (actually 60% - 73.36% Off) Try following promo codes: wb2018 WELCOMEBACK Hope it will help someone. All the best people!
  10. Sirius.EKR

    when I want to connect in mywebsite/wp-login.php it takes me to a weird page with the old domain

    hi people, i am a newbie in wordpress and hosting because i used blogger, i have a site on wordpress host at hostgator, and yesterday i wanted to change the domain name of my site, so i saw a video who said that we had to change the primary domain name of the package in hostgator, so I did it...
  11. P

    Can I install Google Analytics on my domain name server (DNS)?

    Can I install Google Analytics Tracking Code on my domain name server (DNS), If so please explain how? Note: This is not to verify ownership
  12. E

    Hostgator 75% OFF

    Hi people, I`m not sure for how long this will work but I just received an email with 75% off offer from HostGator. In order to get it, just go to hostgator checkout and choose your Web Hosting or Cloud Hosting package (I have not check this for WP and VPS) and change link that you have like...
  13. mikev

    Should I Re-Create My Website?

    My Amazon Affiliate website got hacked pretty badly and it is causing to constantly de-index my pages. I am losing revenue on daily basis. When I type in site:mywebsite in Google, there are all kinds of Chinese pages that I can't recognize. On top of that, there are around 20 000...
  14. Trained Wolf

    bluehost on hostgator helpchat support

    what fuck is going on
  15. El Magico

    How Many Affiliate Sites for Host gator hosting

    I have the Baby Plan for Host Gator and creating amazon affiliate sites. How many different sites can I create on hosting (I don't want them to all be slow). How many is reasonable to fit. Usually 20 articles each with light weight theme.
  16. lisakin007

    How hostgator will take to live a domain?

    I just bought a domain and hosting plan from hostgator but domain is still in provisioning. How much time they would take in this process.
  17. lazyloafs

    [question] 'make money offering free websites' method.

    You know what i'm talking about. My question is, how exactly do I set up the website for my clients? and how does the hosting company afford to pay me such commissions when they are only charging bob 7 dollars a month. Do i have to log onto bobs account in order to install the wordpress site...
  18. BHopkins

    500 Error Multiple Sites, Hostgator

    I buy my domains through Namecheap and host with Hostgator. The last ~10 domains that I've bought and setup (wordpress) all show a 500 error every couple days. I've chatted with Hostgator a couple times and they're completely useless. I moved an entire site to a different server and it happened...
  19. back2form

    [Share] Host gator Support Experience

    pressed Z for 20 times & R for 40 times - Still pressing :D One of my site got suspended due to non payment, I tried making payment using my debit card, but unfortunately I couldn't able to do it. I searched for other options & Finally paid using Bank Wire Transfer on 11th May.. Money has been...
  20. manolo12399

    Hosting for PBN

    any one know which of the main hosting, dont ask for ID verification after paying for the hosting? and a hosting that allow mild porn content most erotica Hostgator asked me for ID verification but I don't want to give to them
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