$5k A Day From Facebook CPA, Really Possible??

5k a day is nothing to be sincere.. if only facebook didn't deleted the pages so fast it would be better but yes 5k is possible you just need the man power ;)
So to answer your question, yes it's entirely possible to make money through fanpages. But with the Incent lead programs and most other programs, most people are making between $300- 500 a day. Not anywhere near $5,000 a day.

$300 - $500 x 10 fan pages = :rolleyes:
If I wouldnt be that lazy... I guess I could make that too... but because of the lazyness of course not constantly :D
It's doable. Look at it this way: Make 50 viral pages that earn $100 a day each. Voila, $5000 a day. You could play with that equation (Pages * Money = Gross :p) and get the results you want. It might be hard, but it's 100% very much possible.

Oh wait, nevermind. Facebook is dead. Nothing ot see here, move along. ;)
LoL...for those who are saying facebook is dead is totally wrong! Facebook is very potential...you can probably earn more than 5k/day if your method is good =)
It's possible to make some great money on FB, over $5,000 a day, who knows!
fk I hate these threads, everyday with these n00bs

no one that's making that kind of coin is going to give you any ideas, but this only encourages more n00bs to saturate what could be profitable
Yeah like people said it's possible to get 5k a day on Facebook. But you'll have hard times to do that everyday. With CPA, pages will be deleted, and you'll need several pages with like 100k fans everyday up to get these results, which is not the easiest thing.

And imo, you don't even need to be extremly skilled with FBML; as long as you can get fans you can monetize your page.
Good good, be the first to run away and never be back.

Money is in the traffic and now FB is the king of traffic, maybe within 1 year a new killer app will destroy FB like FB killed Myspace.

you completely wrong.. myspace is a cash cow still :rolleyes:
easier on fb but ms is still firm.
Besides 1st trying to make $5 K a day how about just $100 a day what would
we need to do to start making that amount a fan page or something.
wow, if i made 20k in one day, i would probably get a heart attack... but i suck, so i know i won't :(
I'm sure it's possible given a little focused attention. I'm currently
training my kids to assist me so I can leverage their time. Would
be easy to do for FB fan pages.
Does I one legged duck swim in a circle?

That's all i have to say.
Maybe you are making money with some bots, some shit and something else on myspace, but it's clear like the sun that myspace doesn't worth 1/10 of itself about 2 years ago.
Yeah I agree, I don't even see how you can make money on myspace now-a-days. At least anything worth your time and effort. But then again I guess there's people out there still doing it.
My best day was $1700 on FB from 1 page. $5k/day is more than possible if you can manage a few good campaigns
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