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May 6, 2020
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Hey guys first let me explain my plan then I'll let you know my problem.

So I'm thinking of changing my business model to subscription based wed design. I thought about making a template for an industry then getting a local domain for that industry in different cities/towns, ie cityamoval (dot) com, citybmoval (dot) com, citycmoval (dot) com.

I will then hold these domains for a few months for seo and get them ranking. Them I will approach businesses with the site and that they can rent and its already on first page. The problem I can see is maybe the business says they would rather the domain companyamoval (dot) com. So my though being to move the website to the new domain and on the old domain set up 301 redirect. Would the seo hold up for this and hold the ranking position?

If you need move explanation let me know

Holding domains for a couple of months do not get them ranked, even if you're using an EMD.

You have to be really lucky then.

I don't see backlinks being part of your plan. They need to be in order for this to work in my opinion, unless there's literally NO competition.
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