1. H

    Domain 301 on Ahref

    Hello SEO folks, I just bought a domain and when I plugged it into Ahrefs, it showed a 301 redirect (Picture). I asked some acquaintances, but they said there shouldn't be any issue. However, for the past three weeks, despite my SEO efforts, the website's performance has been very slow, with...
  2. O

    Questions about Choosing and Redirecting Domain Names

    Hi BHW team, I'm new to SEO and have some questions. How do I pick a domain name to redirect to my website with a 301 redirect? Also, where can I find good expired domain names?
  3. Y

    What's the difference between 301 redirect and shortened URL?

    Does anyone know the difference between a 301 redirect and a shortened URL? I don't particularly understand. (English isn't my first language, please don't mind.) :)
  4. speedie

    Should the content of a redirected website be deleted?

    Hey guys, I have a domain A that I 301 redirected to domain B, and the content of domain A was migrated to domain B. Now that domain B has all the content. Should I simply deindex domain A? OR should I delete the content of domain A? I am asking the SEO guys. This is a matter of how Google...
  5. Turbo B.

    SEO/PBN/301 Domains with High DA/DR and Quality Backlinks

    Cheap High-Authority Domains for PBN, SEO, and 301 Redirects Benefits of these domains: $50 - $220 per domain High authority DA / PA / DR / TF / CF based Strong link profiles What can these domains be used for? Build a new site Build a PBN 301 redirect to your existing site List of the...
  6. M

    I have a question about domains.

    Hello,I am trying to buy a good expired domain, and I have a question. I heard that the spam score does not affect Google's ranking. So, does that mean I should just purchase domains that have high DR and UR like in the image below? How much would this domain cost? They have been creating...
  7. andversta

    How do they Boost DR like this?

    Hello guys! Im trying to figure out what kind of sorcery is this. Look at this regular dummy blog: http :// miwulazi dot eklablog dot com The ahrefs shows DR is 82 and it have 15K ref domains. The most of them are redirects I asume. Miwulazi blog has up to 60k hidden link redirects on its html...
  8. Universe0

    Looking for 301 redirection expert for large ecommerce site

    Hello, one client of my agency is looking to move his eCommerce site from custom cms to WooCommerce. However, we want to keep his current serp ranking as it is his main traffic source. We need an expert, preferably a company, to help us with the task. Only apply if you are extremely...
  9. tazarbm

    How do I fix the broken links?

    Hi, everyone! First of all, mods please move this thread where appropriate cause I can't figure out for the life of me where to put it. Thanks :) Now, on topic... I did create a similar thread yesterday asking about where to 301-redirect some broken URLs and I solved that issue. But now, as I...
  10. tazarbm

    What do I do with 404 URLs?

    Hey, guys! I just ran a site audit for a domain that I had sitting around because it'll be due for renewal soon and I need to decide whether I'll keep it or let it expire. And I was going to let it expire, but for some weird-ass reason one of the long tail keywords (the domain is currently an...
  11. liquardo

    Best tool for handling many redirections? (outside WordPress)

    I have a smaller WP site and I want to "cut/paste" some articles to my more established site, then 301 redirect those to the similar URL's and everything else to the root domain. Example: oldsite.com/great-article1 > newsite.com/guides/great-article1 oldsite.com/useless-article2 > newsite.com/...
  12. HiQ

    Dears Your opinion is very important

    Hello, SEO experts If I have a domain K.c0m It has backlinks from highrank.c0m by ahrefs DR 50 UR 32 traffic 0, for example. direct backlink with keyword: free thickets and I redirect the domain for my item with 301 redirect 301 redirect K.com > moneysite.c0m/catalog/free_tickets I...
  13. HiQ

    backlinks and the 301 redirect

    hello all before some days i have domain with high "spam rate" after research in bhw to find the right solution. i think it is better to post my links as 301 so I registered a private domain and started converting some 301 links subdomain,301domain,com/mydomain,com 301 to www,mydomain,com...
  14. TheCherry

    Can I purchase expired domains with traffic and do 301 redirect to my own website?

    Hey, I hope I am using the right sub-forum for my question. Can I purchase expired domains with traffic and do 301 redirect to my own website? It's legit way to receive more traffic in my website? Thanks,
  15. B

    301 Redirect Issues (DNS?)

    Im trying to do a 301 redirect from mysite1.com to mysite2.com in Cloudflare. Keep in mind, mysite1.com is not currently hosted, we just got access to this domain recently. I've created a page rule on mysite1.com which shows the following: from: mysite1.com/* to: mysite2.com/$1 I think i may...
  16. robin222

    Is it necessary to restore the previous content of expired domain name 301 redirection

    I purchased an expired domain that aligns with my site's niche and I need to 301 redirect that expired domain to my niche site. In order for the expired domain name to work, is it necessary for me to restore the old content of the expired domain name, place and age it for a month, and then...
  17. Eternalman

    Question on 301, coverage issues

    Hey guys, I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Because I really am not. I have been niche blogging since January, and I have written 50 posts, and I only have about 100 keywords and no traffic at all. The reason I assume could be that in January I had issues with site design, and...
  18. kimomalcolmx

    Is This The Correct Way To Do A 301 Redirect in Htaccess?

    Hello! fast question for the 301 pros, would this be the correct way to do a 301 redirect from old site to new site, I want to redirect all posts to new domain with same/identical content, also, the OLD domains homepage is a review article that I would redirect to the NEW sites posts with the...
  19. noellarkin

    On URL Redirection

    That's the setup I have right now. I already have all the web properties needed and am in the process of creating accounts on social sites. What are the pros and cons of using 301 redirects, 302s, meta refreshes in each of the two situations? At the moment, the link shorteners function as...
  20. Ankith K Shetty

    Is it required to update meta descriptions of non canonical links and links that are 301 redirected?

    Is it required to update meta descriptions of non canonical links and links that are 301 redirected?
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