1. U

    301 and keep the seo juice

    Hey guys first let me explain my plan then I'll let you know my problem. So I'm thinking of changing my business model to subscription based wed design. I thought about making a template for an industry then getting a local domain for that industry in different cities/towns, ie cityamoval (dot)...
  2. Utsav Madaan

    Videos/Movies/Porn Embedding Status on Website (IFRAME)

    I want to ask a question to people out here (experienced webmasters) who owns & are running websites in which you guys embed videos through IFRAME from other websites like owning a Movie site, Porn site, etc etc whatever. Embedding a video through IFRAME have many buttons, popups, links, etc...
  3. mrmidjam

    Some advice for penalized site please

    I have a site that was doing very well up until march last year then it got hit by the unnatural links penalty and dropped in rankings. I did all I could to the site to clean it up but, Google is not having any of it. I have now given up and created a new and improved version on a different...
  4. B

    Error on Cloaking software

    Hey, I'm trying to get the cloaking software from FC's Infomillionaire package working right. I keep getting this error: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at [...]) in [...] on line 2 This is the code in the file: <?php header("Location...
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