3000€/month with Ecommerce+pinterest+instagram. Let's go!

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    I'm starting my own jewellery e-commerce store with some quite unique stuff from India soon, which I want promote on social media like crazy. Decided I wanna share this journey with you guys, so we can all learn from each other.
    It is hand made jewelry, unique style. Something which hippie women will love. The best thing is the stuff can't be found online yet, it's stuff I found travelling.
    I have a specific audience and there's lots of them on pinterest/instagram (hippie women!), so this will be interesting.

    What I have done so far:
    - I made tons of top quality DSLR photos of the things, on the beach, in nature, on wood, coral, with my girlfriend wearing it, arrangements with coral and sea shells etc, so we have tons of material
    - Target audience research. Spent hours checking out some of my female hippie/alternative friends on facebook, then their friends, then their friend's friends etc, to find out what things they post, like, think fantasize about. Found a good brand name from my findings, one with an available .com address. What a rare find!
    - Got the domain and instagram username
    - built and designed a logo and a professional looking wordpress ecommerce store with sliders etc, threw in all words
    - put up almost all products with catchy names for everything (Magnus bracelet sounds more expensive than brown bracelet!)
    - scraped tumblr instagram and unsplash (check it out, high quality open licensed photos) for awesome hippie/lifestyle/nature pictures and put them all into a folder together with tons of cheesy quotes for later. I found out my target group loves cheesy quotes. "Love like there is no tomorrow, if tomorrow comes, love again..." - that kinda style. These will make perfect captions on instagram and help me get tons of likes.
    - started building a friend referral system on my website. (customers invite their friends, for each friend, who buys something, they get a coupon. This is what made uber and airbnb big). Hope this will improve my growth rate later on!

    The plan is to build an income of 3000€ per month by end of summer, so I can go travel again when this summer ends. I buy this stuff for an average of 4 € per piece including shipping, duties and taxes to me from my Indian friends. I will sell it for an average of 40 € to customers worldwide. So I will have to sell 2-4 pieces a day to make 100€ each day (= 3000€ a month)!

    Next steps:
    - Start doing stuff on Instagram. I will do it manually first, to do it more efficiently and less spammy. This way I hope to learn more about my target group, their hashtags etc, so that I can set up a bot later on more efficiently.
    Still haven't decided whether massplanner of followliker. Opinions?
    - Pinterest. I have some ideas but I haven't done anything on pinterest. It will be very important to success in my niche though. If you have any tips on how to build up massive exposure on pinterest, let me know!
    - Hide the shop on my website, setup a basic page with some photos and an email submit form promising 5 Euro off the first purchase, once the store opened, and start collecting some emails.
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    Looks like a plan, would love to see you make some bucks.
    Just don't quit after 5 days like 95% of the others okay? :)
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