1. E

    Backlinks for E-Commerce

    Hello guys! Well, I am a SEO noob and basically started a dropshipping store. Now I don't really have a plan which backlinks to build first. Should social media backlinks be first? Do you have a quick beginners guide for me? Thanks in advance for the answers :D
  2. K

    Scaling Shopify from $0 - $50k/mo with Organic Traffic Only- ADULT NICHE

    Hello guys, long time lurker first time poster. I thought I'd do one of this ride alongs to track process, keep minset on track and inspire anyone wanting to take the leap with shopify. The journey is going from $0-$50k/mo dropshipping (with agent) in the adult niche. Background. I've made...

    Payment Method Stripe Shopify/dropshipping

    Hi guys i have some terrible difficulties with payment method because i had 2 lean stripe accounts, 1 has been blocked and my funds are gone 6k, after i had integrated a one page checkout klarna payment, and now i have reopened 2 new and banned after 6/7 payments straight away. I don't know what...
  4. B

    Hello everyone ! i'm IT engeener and i want to make som money online

    hello, first of all like i said im IT i build networks for grocerys or agencys ( switch, cables and other stuff that you already know ) i always wanted to grow multiple e commerces in my country but it's an african country so it's not that profitable so i want to maybe grow so buisness out my...
  5. SamSanesra

    Premium Responsive Website Design and Development - Investing in Excellence

    Premium Responsive Website Design and Development - Investing in Excellence Contact us! Email: [email protected] Skype: SamSanesra Web Designer
  6. Dusan03

    How to check what kind of payment gateway a particular website is using?

    Does anyone know how to see this?
  7. cagetim

    I'm from China and my country has a lot of quality replicas like watches, bags, shoes. I know people in many countries like these replicas

    I'm from China and my country has a lot of quality replicas like watches, bags, shoes. I know people in many countries like these replicas, but I don't know how to sell replicas, please help me to solve this problem, thanks
  8. helloeddy

    How would you sell a novelty product like this Plasma Gun?

    I would like to help a friend sell this product which they are currently selling on www.touchofmodern.com, but they would like to sell directly to customer using Shopify or Woocommerce. How would you market a product like this? Google Shopping Ads? Instagram Influencer Marketing? TikTok...
  9. A

    Backling building on newly registered domains - good or bad?

    Hello, Is it beneficial to build/buy (curated) backlinks and link building services on a newly registered domain + e-commerce Store or can that cause some penalties by google? If adding Backlinks to new domains is bad, how long should one wait before starting to build backlinks for an...
  10. Norman_drey

    Starting an E-commerce digital marketplace

    I wanna create an E-commerce marketplace where users can buy and sell digital items online, what do I need to know before diving into this. What's your suggestions
  11. Affiliate3750

    Selling Brands in shopify

    Hello Guys , as i saw its little bit hard to sell brands ( Nike , adidas .. ) on shopify , is there any third party company that give this option ? thanks
  12. P

    ✅ *******BIKINI.com E-Commerce Shop - 18 Years Old - 12,100 EXACT searches per month

    BIKINI & SWIMWEAR E-COMMERCE 18-YEAR OLD PREMIUM domain name + E-commerce website for sale. Exact search match domain. Super Easy to Remember. Short and Relevant. Brandable. Uninterruptedly registered since 2006-12-07, without any drops. It's a 18-years aged domain. Please search on this...
  13. J

    Link building strategy for an e-commerce site.

    What is the best strategy for an e-commerce site that has more than 5k products? for a whole year ill building links but I just make links with some SOPs. I want to do quality link building. Recently I know that! you work on a category if you have an e-commerce site. But I have 100s category...
  14. S

    Can anyone recommend a payment provider which allows an ecommerce site to accept credit cards, but pays the merchant in cryptocurrency?

    Hello BHW hive mind! I have someone asking me if their e-commerce site (which currently only accepts crypto) can also accept credit cards. Problem is their website's subject matter is considered 'high risk' to most payment providers and they are generally unable to use big conventional credit...
  15. A

    Happy to be a part of the group

    I would like to make 20k this year online. That’s my goal. Various different streams! Glad to be here!
  16. Safox alee

    Buy Verified Legit Etsy Reviews 2022

    Etsy is a decent marketplace if you get around it in a quick fashion and it goes the same for all other e-commerce platforms as well. You have a store and you got competition. It is only best that you tear through the competition and reach to the top of the pile. For that you must needs some...
  17. 4ry4n

    [Question] Should my backlinks fit my e-commerce category?

    Hello everyone, I had a quick question, If I have an online business that sells tech items, should my backlinks come from websites that are in a similar industry or can I just go ahead and purchase any backlink with high DA from any location and background? Does google even care if my...
  18. rafark

    This Is You Chance of Selling Your Own WordPress Plugin! - WordPress Plugin Business FOR SALE

    Have you ever wanted to own a Wordpress business other than just a simple blog? How does it sound to own your own WordPress plugin that you can sell directly to customers, without a middle man? I'm selling one of the first plugins I developed and launched to the market. The plugin is live right...
  19. rafark

    As a customer what do you expect from a FREE product deal in an e-commerce site?

    I'm building a Woocommerce plugin that offers BOGO/FREE product deals. Usually, other plugins offer the ability to automatically add an extra product to the cart. However, I'm not sure how to do it if you already added that (free) product to the cart. For example. Let's say the deal is buy 1...
  20. Kingking12a

    Opened online business , how to make it work ?

    Hello everyone BHW Team. I just wanted to tell and get any options about businesses online , I opened a website for selling really good quality shoes , i have sell some by local friends . I would like to make it bigger or sell more on online so what are steps for making it more famous ? How...
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