2011 Predictions for Us

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    I haven't read any predictions from others gurus yet. I am sure there are some interesting predictions. If you have some or found some good ones post them here for all of us to consider if its brilliant or bollocks.

    For mine.. these are my predictions for 2011:

    Facebook - IPO for sure. Spamming facebook will get to be as difficult as Craigslist.

    Bing - Powered by Facebook now, I think they will gain search marketshare this year and take away from Google

    Yahoo - Keeps selling off it's ass..ets.

    Google - Hummm.. I don't expect anything ground breaking... though I think with the onsalaught of more automated link building tools that have been introduced last year it is going to get tougher to use any of them to manipulate results with google.

    Mobile - Going to get even hotter as more people become aware of its power in local markets.

    Domains - The concept of virtual real estate is going to gain some attention on a grander scale. Values will go up, and more newbies out of the post recession are likely to start their journey into IM with this new buzz.

    IMing - More and more focus on the local markets with small businesses. Everyone and his brother is going to become an online lead generator for local small businesses.

    That's all off the top of my head. I'm sure I will probably add more later. Like I said though, if you have other guru predictions on different things that impact us, do share them here.

    PS: First one that arrived in my inbox: http://frankkern.com/state-of-the-internet-success/

    Now while I don't endorse any of this guys products, he does give some predictions.. some of which are similar to mine.

    Watching the video he mentioned the 80/20 rule and then said its called occam's razor. This is false. Occam's razor refers to the simplest explanation of an event being the likely answer (put simply.. economy of assumptions). It has nothing to do with the 80/20 rule which is actually called Pareto's Principle. Keep in mind, this is Frank Kerns after all. You are taking information from someone who had mostly surf board on the brain.
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