2,600 .EDU Url's - Forums/Blogs/Guestbooks


Sometimes, I almost feel sorry for the owners of these bolg with the almight shitstorm of spam they are about to receive.

Here ya go everyone. Here is a completely new and fresh list of .edu forums, blogs, and guestbooks that I have just scraped.

Have fun! :)


Thanks boss, Imma check it out
Ofcourse, anytime. What would be nice is for someone to do a PR check on all those. I'd love to, just don't have the time.
dude what footprint did you use to find these, so far the first 20 i've tested with decent pr are all just pages on edu sites....

need to tweak your fingerprints then i can bulk-pr them but right now most of them seem to be useless.
This is a raw list. You will have to take out some of the normal .edu pages which is about 10%. As well as about 5% are like .org's

I was bored the other night so I scraped these ;)
site:.edu inurl:forum
site:.edu inurl:FORUM

Etc. ;)
Hi FJ could I ask what software or script you used to find the PR of all 2600 sites, is it some kind of mass PR checker, I'd like one myself so I can do a fast check on sites I scrape.

Could you share the list here? or just pm me the link if its ok with you guys.
Fire up SeoQuake and you can get the pr of those super quickly
Checked it out. Definately some good pr's in there. And since we know google loves edu's. it cant hurt :) haha
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