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    CPAgrip question.

    Hi, I'm new to this and wanted to start making money so I was following a guide to sign up for CPAGRIP and advertise the offers for them. But I looked on the website and they require you to fill out a W-2 TAXform and put your EIN or SSN... My only problem with this is, if they have my SSN and...
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    Are old twitter accounts better than new ones?

    I have a new twitter account, 2021, organically grown with 2k followers, it's following 1k itself. I mostly retweet / like tweets and I got 3 to 7 likes / retweets on the tweets I want to start posting my own content on it, but I'm wondering if its better to use a 2008 account and grow it for...
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    Twitter Mass Mention: Bring attention to Your Twitter Account!

    I'm interested, does your service auto mention ppl from specific niche, and can I get you to use accounts with random avatars from said niche (such as star wars?)
  4. K | SMM Panel | Advanced Dripfeed Option | Non-Drop Youtube Views | HQ Instagram Followers | 200+ SMM Services

    add me to reseller rates and can I have a review copy for youtube HR views? username: knkkskknks
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    Dripfeedpanel - SMM PANEL | API | Buy Cheap YouTube,Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and more! Instant

    hello there .. can I get test copy to review it? username: knkkskknks
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    4000 watch hours 1000 subs and getting channel enabled for monetization. Has anybody got advice for doing this in less than 30 days?

    I have channel with 200 subs and 300 watch hours. I REALLY need it monetized within a month. Should I go to a SMM pannel and pay for monetization service? Anybody done this with good results? Or should I buy subs / watch hours and upload some real videos of me talking and brand them then apply...
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    Does youtube do shadowbanning / limiting on youtube channels they think have fake engagement?

    I'm not 100% sure TBH. My field is purely creative and over the years I feel like I know what type of creative video would get lots of views. Like shotting a MV IRL to an original song, or having an animation created to original songs. And I'm targeting specific niche of audience. It's not the...
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    Does youtube do shadowbanning / limiting on youtube channels they think have fake engagement?

    I have a motivation problem. I have a lot of good ideas and know how to use many programs, but not being monetized makes me unmotivated to even try. I could get a 1mil viewed video, then another 1mil viewed video, that I work months to create, just to only gain 900 subs, and still not be at the...
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    Does youtube do shadowbanning / limiting on youtube channels they think have fake engagement?

    If they do, how can I tell? I want to buy an already monetized youtube channel or buy watchtime + subscribers for my own and get it monetized. I don't want to upload lots of videos and wait forever to be monetized, what if some videos go viral? I lose out on work and funds, and monetized review...
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    I want to start streaming on twitch and try to make it as a job. Any tips?

    Anybody here know someone or been successful? Any tips on what to do to gain followers / viewers? Should I try blackhat with viewbots? or buy an already partnered twitch account?. I have seen twitch streamers who stay at 1-5 viewers for years and articles about them. I think the only way to...
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    CGpeers / GFXpeers / GFXnews

    looking for an invite to one of these, please!
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    Twitch or Youtube for livestreaming videogames? Any method for growing a live stream?

    Hey, I decided after years of doing nothing I will start livestreaming myself playing videogames. Everybody else is doing it, and some ppl even with just 100 viewers make 4,000$ + a month, because they have 1000 subs on twitch or so. Twitch seems to be very strict and they're cutting streamers...
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    What did Mr. Beast do to start getting so many views?

    If you look through his old videos, all of a sudden after his last "motivation for youtubers" he started getting millions of views. What did he change to start getting so many views?
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    Anybody here in the art niche? Why some tweets big engagement, others none?

    So I notice some artists get major engagement on their tweets, then there's some other artists with similar art, with barely any engagement. No doubt this is due to algorithm deciding what to promote. I have an account within an art niche with 5k followers, it seems no matter what I...