CPAgrip question.


Feb 13, 2019
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Hi, I'm new to this and wanted to start making money so I was following a guide to sign up for CPAGRIP and advertise the offers for them. But I looked on the website and they require you to fill out a W-2 TAXform and put your EIN or SSN... My only problem with this is, if they have my SSN and name they could easily sell this info or use it to commit fraud or steal my paypal account even. All they have to do is call paypal, say their me, give my SSN, claim email was hacked etc... It's really easy social egineering. So I'm a bit skeptical of giving out my tax ID or SSN on blackhat sites you know?

Is there anyway to get paid from them without giving this info? I know they are most likely legit and wouldn't do that, but there's always a chance...
Do all CPA sites require this?


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Sep 17, 2022
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Couldn't paypal also try to claim your CPAgrip account with your SSN? ;)

This problem happens with all KYC: What tells you the documents you send won't be reused, stolen by an employee, during a hack, or whatever. It's a silly world. Yet, more and more companies and services want some sensitive info like this. I don't claim to have a solution.

In your case, it must be US rules which make them have to do this, I guess.