youtube video views

  1. RandomX

    [HELP] What happened to my channel?

    Hi, I created a channel 3 months ago and started posting some content. It slowly started to grow, but suddenly the views dropped by almost 95%. I didn't try any black hat methods. This channel was created using the same email ID that has one more channel (different niche). My questions are...
  2. I

    1 month old TTS quotes YT channel with 135k Subs

    Hello guys, just wondering how this 1 month old TTS quotes YT channel is getting million views (Overall) and is at 135k Subs. Any guess for getting such high volume views? Understand that thumbnail has certain words which makes those videos getting clicks but looking at the channel age & TTS...
  3. Almighty Pull

    [METHOD] Rank your videos on YouTube like a Pro

    So guys, I will share a neat little trick that has helped me to rank my videos very fast as compared to the general churn and the best thing, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPEND A SINGLE ADDITIONAL $$ [First thing first, you should know how to optimise your title, tags & THUMBNAILS(TTTs)!] METHOD:-...
  4. B

    Youtube video views problem

    Hello Sir, I am new here.. I have a youtube channel with 4975+ subscriber. and I work with trending topic and Own made short film video. bUt my video only 100-300 views. and channel monitization enabled... I always try to Give good title,description, tag but it doesn't work for me... I want to...
  5. Smithuk

    Need trusted reseller panel link for youtube views with at least 5mins watch time

    Hi everyone, i need a trusted reseller panel link for youtube views with at least 5mins watch time, i need high retention views. I buy regularly more than million views on daily basis. SO i expect less price per 1000 views for a regular business. i dont know where the reseller panels have...
  6. bigbank

    WTB: Youtube Hits + Likes + Comments

    Re: Looking to Buy Youtube Hits + Likes + Comments I am looking to purchase youtube marketing services. This job will total tens of thousands of videos. The initial order is: - 250 videos require a minimum of 900 (max 1000) hits each + 10 to 15 likes per video + 2 to 3 comments per video +...
  7. A

    Need Youtube Help???

    Hello Everyone, I need some useful ways to increase Youtube Views, Youtube Subscribers, Youtube Likes very quickly. I found some bots but they are not so fast and useful can any one one help me in this???:):):)
  8. T

    If you can give video views READ THIS

    I have a huge downline of people in my affiliate network. We do most of our marketing on YouTube. I am currently using a guy that is giving me views for my videos. Over the past month or so his views are coming in really slow and it is really hard to get in touch with him. Over the past 2...
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