youtube video download

  1. S

    Download YouTube private video with access

    Hi guys, Lately, I've visited an online course which I paid, but they only shared me access to the private video which they'll take down in the following days. Since they want to use the same video for future courses, they don't allow you to have the .mp4 files. My question is if there is...
  2. W

    Youtube video saved to mini iPad/Asus Padphone

    Hi, hope anyone can help me. I have been searching good tool to save the Youtube view to my kid mini iPad and Asus Padphone. At home it is okay cause got wifi but when we are outside, it doesn't have mobile network. I want to download and save it to the iPad/Padphone so no need to view the same...
  3. newon

    How to get unique YouTube Videos?

    Dear all respected BHW members, Two months back I started a new YT channel on DIY. I used to download other low view, low rated videos from other users, changed background, changed music and re-upload and then boost. Everything was going fine, suddenly from last week YT is blocking...
  4. E

    [GET] YouTube Scraper

    [GET] Youtube Video Scraper I have decided to start sharing some of my tools with the community. All of those tools are made by myself so no one can say that I shared his creation :)) ... I'm in youtube marketing mostly so I have made tools for youtube but I have plaid with other big sites...
  5. S

    Hows To Download YouTube Video's On Server..

    Hi guys anyone knows how to download YouTube videos directly on server?? I want to provide few videos to my users... I want to upload these videos on my server then i will upload it on media share, it so users can download it.. Please help me if you know it.. Thanx..
  6. N

    What if i am able to download and upload youtube videos

    hey Guys...I have a quick question for you all... What If ...I am able to download as many videos from you tube and upload them with my name... What ways i can monetise them ? What sort of ban i am looking at? Suppose i download and upload popular videos real time say 1,000 videos what will...
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