What if i am able to download and upload youtube videos


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Oct 26, 2009
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hey Guys...I have a quick question for you all...

What If ...I am able to download as many videos from you tube and upload them with my name...

What ways i can monetise them ?

What sort of ban i am looking at?

Suppose i download and upload popular videos real time say 1,000 videos what will happned real time momemnt they are uploaded...

No PMs please..
try to cut a little bit from video to change the lenght, change the sound and watermark the vids with your domain(s).10-20 vids per yt account and redirect the domains thru your affiliate links or build sites or go and park a few domains.I know this kind of e books it cost between $20-$40 but you can hit the thanks, right?
If you can upload videos I can make money from it. hit me in pm if interested.
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