youtube video copyright

  1. A

    [Method] Avoid Unnecessary Youtube Copyright strike while Re-Uploading CC Videos

    Hi, Some of you may be seeing copyright strike while uploading youtube videos in creator studion. This method helps you to get educated about how to use "CC By License" in uploading Creative commons videos. Thanks
  2. C

    how to get high traffic for youtube video

    hey bro her your small bro looking help how to get high traffic for youtube video ? how to get 1000 subscribers? how to het Likes? how to Rank my video? witch keyword is best for youtube video? monthly sarching? "exactly" match in Google or youtube?
  3. seotechlab

    Google's authorship for a YouTube video ?

    Is it possible to get Google's authorship for a YouTube video ?
  4. xoxxx

    Is it illegal to take a video from youtube and put it on your website?

    Im pretty sure it illegal, but what kind of action could the owner of that video take? In example: I download a non-copyrighted video of youtube, and place it on my website. Could I get in serious trouble?
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