youtube thumbnail

  1. goku786

    How can I make these types of thumbnails?

    hey guys does anyone knows... How can I make these types of thumbnails? Thank you.
  2. Rank Panda

    Youtube Thumbnail Service - Get Eye Catchy Youtube Thumbnail at Affordable Price

  3. D

    Youtube Removed My Custom Thumbnails?

    Hi Guys, Youtube recently removed by custom thumbnails. Even i dont have any option to upload them also. My channel is more than 2 years old and close to 2 million subscribers. Is there any link so that I can contact them or anything. Please help. Thanks and Regards.
  4. imeh

    Fastest Thumbnail Greabber

    OK here is how to download thumbnails from any youtube video and yeah this is the fastest and easiest way to do it alll what you have to do is 1st get the link of the video example "" 2nd copy the ID of the video example "dQw4w9WgXcQ" 3rd paste the id here ↓ delete...
  5. Heiko

    [GUIDE]How to create a good looking Thumbnail!

    Hello, First of all, i am sorry for the delay for this Topic. I actually wanted to do this back in september but i really got stressed out with my projects and my offline work. Some members might remember that i made a Youtube Startup Guide a few months ago and also stated there that i am going...
  6. moneyguru2013

    My Thumbnail not showing up in Youtube Video

    I noticed since the last 2 weeks or so that my thumbnails are not showing up in Youtube when i am uploading my videos. That is so even though i optimize them so that Youtube select it as one of the 3 thumbnails they usual show when you upload your video. I mentioned on another forum and someone...
  7. husypunter

    Youtube Custom Thumnail is dead

    I logged in to my youtube today and i got this notice with a strike on my account: Now the thing is, i cannot disclose my niche or video here, but lets say it was a video of a commercial of wooden chairs, and the thumbnail i used was of a fully clothed hot chic sitting on a chair. and...
  8. B

    [Help] Youtube Thumbnail Image

    Hi Blackhaterz I have problem with one of video gallery auto blog. I want to know how to put video thumbnail into post automatically? Try to use different theme but still can't post thumbnail into post. I use WP Video Gallery theme, WP Video Tube for plugin. Can you help me to solve...
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