youtube sponsorships

  1. T


    I just have a question for guys here who have a lot of experience in dealing with sponsorship deals/brand deals. In two years of being a youtuber I have done deals with various brands and thankfully none of them scammed me so far. But my other channel recently reached 50k subs and it started...
  2. fxmanaged

    What can a 100K Subs Channel Charge for Sponsored Clip?

    Hey gents. We have a 94K channel (I rounded off wrong ) about luxury watches associated with one of our businesses. We're thinking of getting sponsors for each of our videos, where we add a 10-15 second plug after our video intro to one of their products/services similar to what Linus Tech...
  3. LiquidOCELOT

    How to submit proposals on famebit help pls

    does any one have successful proposal sumissions to famebit is there a chance to get sponsored from there pls share experience if you have has success there cheers
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