youtube spam

  1. thevideoguy

    YouTube Subscriber Purge: December 13-14 (Noticible Decrease In Sub Count Incoming)

    YouTube made an interesting announcement on Google productforums a few hours ago. They say they've detected a significant amount of spam accounts and will be purging them accordingly today/tomorrow. Will be interesting to see if they actually identify a noticable portion of spam subscribers or...
  2. Carder1122

    Atlast! I made 2 bots for Youtube Playlist spammer and video adder!!!!! [FullyFunctional]

    Post Deleted By Carder1122 [edited] ... As recieved a reply from Mod
  3. Panoyk

    I am looking for an youtube auto comment liker

    i am looking for an youtube auto comment liker because i see many spam accounts on big youtubers to apply some links to their websites and the comments strats with 200 likes in 1 sec so many peoples get fulled and like the comments and they go top so many people(5-6000) people per day click on...
  4. Z

    YouTube Spamming Ban?

    Hi everyone, i am a regular spammer in the comment section of YouTube and have been doing it consistently for around 6 months and have not been banned. Does anyone know if YouTube still bans comment spammers?
  5. McAndy

    Youtube Spam - Mass Upload

    Hi guys. Recently I have been trying to Mass upload videos to Youtube. What I have done so far: Paid for: 10 Fresh Youtube USA PVA's 10 Private Proxies Mass Video Blaster pro 2 Domains and hosting Actions taken: Setup all my YT acc. Got my landing page etc. setup on the domain. Got 1...
  6. ollie9009

    YouTube Ban Reasons/ How to Stop Them?

    I have a few questions on the patterns/ reasons for YouTube banning accounts. Recently I've found some of my accounts to be taken down (no warnings, I just can't says "Account Suspended"). If I go directly to the video it says: "Spam/ Fraud". Basically I want to know a few things...
  7. S

    Youtube Changes. Freeze All My Video.

    My youtube video is now freeze due to youtube changes... I got message from youtube that say like that : YouTube employs proprietary technology to prevent the artificial inflation of a video?s viewcount by spam bots, malware and other means. We validate views to ensure the accuracy of the...
  8. Inforequeter3

    Youtube Messaging Tube Blaster Pro

    Does anyone know of a way to send multiple pm's or emails to youtube users without being blocked by the youtube limitation??? I downloaded the Tube Blaster Pro and noticed that even though it's showing my ad being delivered to the extracted youtube users, only 4-5 messages are actually being...
  9. catardat

    Spam Subscribers on YT?

    Is there any soft for spaming YT users ?
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