youtube monetization

  1. MessyWile

    How i can turn back on monetization on my YoutTube channel?

    Hello guys. Do you have any idea how can I turn on monetization on this channel? Give me all suggestion that comes to your mind. Below is a screenshot of my channel. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
  2. bizclerk

    Youtube Channel Demonetized for 13 months now

    My channel Was Demonetized on 23rd August 2021, With a reply From Google as Reused Content, The Account for the August was $925. i reapply every Single Month till now but they still reject my Channel. The videos aint Mine But its a Videos of a particular Tribes in African of which the videos...
  3. D

    YouTube channel monetization

    Hey! I hope you are fine! I have started a YouTube channel about heels 7 months ago and I posted 130 shorts about heels. One short hitted 16 million views and my channel hitted 97k subscribers. I want to monetize it and I still don't know how to do it long term. Do I need a girl to create...
  4. RandomX

    My Channel Demonetized - Shall I choose MCN?

    Hello Experts, Recently, my channel was demonetized due to Repetitive content, but I didn't, So i requested a review by sending a video (Option 1), but they were not accepted, and then I chose option 2. After 30 days again, they were rejected. This was the 4th time my channel was demonetized...
  5. R

    YouTube monetization

    Is there any tricks to monetize YouTube channel within a day?
  6. KyleSpeed

    Get Verified on YouTube in 24 Hours Even if You Have 0 Subs | Just Send Your Channel Link and the Verification Badge Will Appear in Hours | ONLY $997

    Literally just send me a link to your YouTube channel on Telegram ( or click here to message me on BHW, and I'll make the verification badge appear a few hours later even if you have zero subscribers. No access required Send Your YouTube Channel Link to Start: Telegram...
  7. LaxmanKafle

    Youtube Monetization Tips & Discussion THREAD.

    What length of video makes the most money on youtube on ads. long videos, series, or movies video make the most... is it? any anyone here running the movie channel or publishing company? Looking forward to hearing some tricks/hacks which still work. Regards
  8. mobile523

    youtube monetization question

    if i have a monetized youtube channel and i private the videos with the watch time how long do i have before they take monetization away? or is it taken immediately?
  9. L

    YOUTUBE MONETIZATION SERVICE PACKAGED│1k Subs + 4k Watch Hours │YT Approved Guaranteed or Your Money Back

    As we all know it's hard to be approved in Youtube Monetization Program and you pay a lot of money without a guarantee that you will get approved but don't worry we are here to help you approve your channel 100% guaranteed or your money back. YouTube Monetized Channel We can build your...
  10. R

    can i fool youtube this way ?

    Hi I have monetized a youtube channel but it is slow-growing I have competitors with thousands of more views than me ! and I think they are using fake views/engagements to promote their channel I made research for about 1 month about youtube fake detection systems and privacy - and I also read...
  11. jem001

    Can this channel get monetized or is it already? And how are they getting famous?

    Hello, just wondering if this channel is monetized and how are they getting popular? thinking of doing a channel like this too.
  12. pshan

    How to Build a Cash Cow Youtube Channel?

    Hi members, I'm interested in building a cash cow channel as I want to diversify my income sources My goal is to start a cash cow channel and get monetization and manage it successfully Is there a guide posted here or anywhere in web that i can refer to?
  13. A

    Gmail PVA account for Youtube channel

    Hello Friends, Good Day, the question is This will be my 1st purchase. if i buy PVA gmail accounts, 1) Can i be able to make Youtube channel with it. 2) will ever be i asked to reverify my number, as i wont be having the number. 3) Will my Youtube channel ever ask me for gmail, phone...
  14. mfalazhar

    Rejected Monetization (let's discuss)

    Hi guys, now I'm busy researching how to create channels with 100% monetization possibilities the trick that I previously used is: 1. Buy a channel with 1k subscribers for $ 15 2. I injected the 4k watch hour with rdp then when I registered it was rejected with reason "reused content" now...
  15. R

    How do channels like this STAY monetized? There is no voice, no face and no claims in description. They going strong since 2018. How?
  16. ThatguyCT

    I need professional YT advice - is my channel worth keeping or is it a lost cause?

    Hi guys, as it says in the title of this thread, I urgently need advice from the YouTube Gurus of BHW. This is my issue: I bought a channel at the beginning of the year with 4k subs and more than enough watch time so that I could start monetizing in an instant after taking over and rebranding...
  17. sothisisnightlife

    New Youtube Monetization Rules: Compilations Will Be Demonetized!

    These rules went under the radar so I thought I'd post it here. Just little note: This is video is produced by the founder of a MCN, never sign up to MCN's! Its not worth it, stick to adsense unless there is something you can exploit or gain out of it.
  18. theD2

    [Journey] Goal to 1K Subs + 4000 hours Watchtime - Youtube

    Hi, Lets start from 2010 -------- i started making money from adfly, Blacklabelads etc by putting links and ads on blogspots and started with Neobux and other 5-6 PTC sites etc as well. 2013 -------- I made $5500+ total money from Sharecash (now site is dead, dont try) by hosting my own...
  19. NotAHuman

    Demonetized but still monetized

    Hello BHW! Today I recieved a notification by YouTube saying "Unfortunately your channel was not approved for monetization". I have not applied for monetization recently and I have been monetized since June last year. Also, my channel is still monetized. What should I do? Should I just ignore...
  20. P


    Hi Guys, I bought this youtube channel already monetized but was demonetized after posting some compilations videos on it. Then, I decided to delete those videos and edit all the new videos properly, applied and did not pass the monetization. Now, 30 days have passed and I would like to reapply...