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  1. D

    100+ Instant YouTube Likes for 30+ Links

    Hey guys, I've recently registered on bhw but i've been a visitor for years actually. Right now the panels all have the same likes source which send 300 ~ 1100 likes even when we only want 20 likes. I only need 100~120 likes on every link. I've about 30 videos and I want this done instantly. I...
  2. Oz0102

    [Giveaway] Youtube Likes to your video for free

    Hi guys I will be giving out a couple of social media packages for the next few days, so i'm starting our with youtube video likes. Likes come from different locations and different devices. Speed is pretty fast (Up to 300k in 24 hours) Rules : You must have atleast 30 posts to quality 1...
  3. LupusNobilis

    Looking for YT Likes and Custom comms

    Hey! I'm looking for someone or a panel that can provide youtube likes and custom comments at reasonable speed. Don't contact me if your likes | comments take hours to start and more hours to deliver. I will be a long term customer if your services are good :D
  4. M

    Ranking Videos On YouTube With Comment Likes (New Method?)

    I have recently come across videos that have blown up to 2-4 million views in 1-3 days. They are both from YouTube channels I have since long suspected are doing something fishy. If you check the comment section of the videos in question the uploader has made some comment and pinned it. This...
  5. ripon65

    Free YouTube Comments And Likes

    YouTube Comments And Likes Help to rank a Video.I wanna 10 Custom Comments and 20 likes for BHW Member( Must Be 100+ post ) As a Review For My Upcoming Thread. PM Me Or Contact to my Skype U R Video Link.Thank You. Skype ashiqur.rahman233
  6. T

    Need 1000 youtube likes on 1 video by March 31st.

    Hello, I need 1000 likes on 1 video. The video will be posted on March 30. I'll need the 1000 likes by March 31. If you can deliver pm me your Skype ID or put it here. If your work is good you can expect long time work.
  7. 500views

    Need 2000 YouTube likes

    Hey, I need someone to provide me 2000 youtube likes within 24-48 hours. Anyone have any suggestions?
  8. T

    anyone worked with ytmonster before ?

    guys anyone worked with ytmonster to get views ?? my channel linked with network Does this constitute a risk on my channel or no ? i heard many people work with that software without any problems what do u think guys !
  9. BoostMedia

    Looking for Fasr YouTube Likes supplier

    Looking someone who can provide YouTube Likes Fast. I have daily orders and ready to pay $4 per k. Supplier must be able to provide at least 4k-10k likes per video.
  10. bornthisway

    Best YouTube Skype Group: Active

    If you are - 1) Have a YT channel OR 2) YouTube service provider OR 3) YouTube software developer OR 4) MCN And 5) Want to gain some amazing tips,tricks and knowledge to grow your channel 6) Learn from each other And much more. Then fill up this google form...
  11. J

    Best youtube views provider software

    Can you share some of the best youtube views,likes etc Providing software and can generate huge no of views for different videos
  12. creatorsaurabh001

    Join Skype views, sub, comment exchange group.

    I was looking to join a good Skype group to exchange YouTube views, subs, comments and likes, unfortunately I am not able to join any group till now. If you are interested please Skype me : dreamenginestudio I will add you to my group. Love u blackhatworld. Thank you.
  13. Trish26

    [FREE] [GIVEAWAY] Youtube Likes

    Good day! I am giving free 30 youtube likes for your video. Kindly pm me your video link and I will send 30+ likes for FREE. First 30 members will be get to have their free youtube likes.
  14. NProductions

    Free YouTube Likes [ 25+ Likes ] [ To Every BHW Members ]

    Hello Members )) Just Pm Me your Video to Clam 25+ YouTube Likes [ Free ] You will Get 25++ YouTube Likes within[ 12 - 24 HR ] All Likes are 100% Safe , Legit , Real Likes . Claim 25+ YouTube Likes Now :D
  15. rap8557

    [SMG] Buy YT, IG, FB, TW, SC and ETC Services! With over 6000+ Satisfied Clients - This is Bananas!

    Our Prices might be higher on other panels but we provide quality in terms of service and support. :cool: Question & Answer: What services do you offer & prices? - We have a lot of services to offer! Here's the list of our services so far.. If you have a service suggestion with order volume...
  16. T

    How to get views/subscribers on youtube.

    I just started my youtube channel yesterday, it's about PC how to tutorials. Where can i promote my videos? I wanna earn at least 100$ per month. I am newbie, please give me some tips.
  17. Cyberars

    Wanted a Reliable Provider of Youtube Likes (with API)

    hi guys, my current provider is having some technical difficulties lately and fails to deliver Youtube Likes orders, so i'm looking for alternatives i need a good provider that offers: * permanent youtube likes * must have an API integration * reasonable bulk pricing rates my avarage daily...
  18. P

    Youtube Supplier

    In need SUPPLIER of the following : Youtube Comments Youtube Likes and Dislikes Youtube Favorites Youtube Daily Regular Views Please comment your skype ID -Much Thanks!
  19. Jaytizel

    The Biggest SMM Panel Youtube - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter and more | 90+ services |

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  20. C

    Buying YT Video Likes lower the retention?

    This is a question I have in my mind for a while. Everyone knows how important retention is for rank. So, if I buy video likes, the accounts that enter into my video will only press like button and leave. So that would affect my retention in a negative way, right? I may be wrong. Please give me...