youtube 2018

  1. beastkay

    Old Youtube Account : Should I start it again or not / Monetization suggestion?

    Having an old youtube account which is having genuine 60K minutes watch time which means 1/4th time has been covered already more 3 times I've to go for turning the monetization on. Having 60K+ views but only 40 subscribers. Uploaded only 1 video in 2014 which gave me all of this. Thinking to...
  2. T

    How To Grow On Youtube 2018

    So I've been on the is forum for months seeking the answer to effectively growing my youtube. I know celebrities from where I'm from that literally came from nothing to something almost over night due to youtube (2011 to current). Now I have good content that I'm ready to upload on YouTube but...
  3. polwest

    How i made 9 Million Views and 50K Subs in 3 Month From 0 Subscribers In 2018 with 0$ Invested.

    Before starting here is a screenshot to prove i don't lie since a lot of people who cant make 1$ with youtube will say i'm lying. Made a total of 6000$ in 2 months with these 9 million views ( as you know now estimated revenue dont show up now in adsense. Started in January 2018 and reached...
  4. polwest

    You really want to know why you dont rank in 2018 ?

    i will make this clear once for all and this is the pure reality. You want your video rank well or go suggested ? This is VERY SIMPLE. You need SUBSCRIBERS Views, even if you get a lot of REAL views fast you will not rank well & go suggested. Of course did it some time but not on hard...
  5. hazzi

    Best YouTube niches for 2018

    what are the most profitable and easiest niches for youtube in 2018
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