yelp exchange

  1. C

    Yelp Reviews

    I need Yelp reviews geo-located in California. Or at least geolocated in the US. Pays $15 per review.
  2. A

    Yelp Reviews & Upworks Reviews

    Need Upworks Reviews from people with client accounts. You use your client account to hire my freelancer account with job details I'll provide, end contract a couple days later, and leave 5 stars + review i'll provide. Walk away with $10 for your trouble. Also need Yelp Reviews from people with...
  3. Odd Job

    Yelp review stickiness

    I'm curious about people paying for or exchanging reviews. Do these reviews usually stick if the reviewer is not in the same city as the business?

    Hire a Freelancer Yelp Reviews

    I could not find a yelp review seller in the marketplace (multiple search queries run) I believe I am allowed to post here just not reply to this thread but members can PM me if they have the service I need? I just want to make sure I do not get banned (surprised how many 1k+ post members are...