Feb 25, 2019
Need Upworks Reviews from people with client accounts. You use your client account to hire my freelancer account with job details I'll provide, end contract a couple days later, and leave 5 stars + review i'll provide. Walk away with $10 for your trouble.

Also need Yelp Reviews from people with aged/established accounts with long histories so the reviews are likely to stick from anywhere in the USA. You use your established yelp account to leave my company a 5 star review. Walk away with $10 for your trouble.

If you can help and wouldn't mind an extra $10 burning a hole in your pocket, I look forward to hearing from you!
Walk away with $10 for your trouble.

Hey there, Could you do me a favor? If someone agreed to post Yelp review through an established account for $10 per review let me know. I need plenty of them. Thanks;)
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