yelp authority account

  1. K

    Looking to buy aged yelp accounts

    Preferably at least 1 year old Must be US based accounts If they have a google or facebook account even better. Doesn't have to be elite or anything special, just aged. Feel free to contact me on telegram @Kremshnit Thanks
  2. S

    Need yelp reviews US providers only

    Looking for yelp reviews, elite reviews etc. Profiles need to be active and have reviewed other businesses. Looking to buy bulk, 10+ reviews. Please PM me if you meet the conditions.
  3. focus10

    Need Yelp Reviews for California

    Hey BHW, I’m looking for a legit Yelp review provider. Ideally you have aged accounts in the states, more specifically California. The idea is to work with a solid provider that I can continually send business to. Thx!
  4. shadow5

    Aged Yelp Account Reviews (ELITE or OTHER)

    Hey all, I'm looking for help in increasing yelp presence, rating, etc... and MORE IMPORTANTLY - combating negative reviews from assholes on yelp for a friend of mine. Location: Los Angeles Send me a PM with capabilities, quotes, etc.. Thanks!
  5. A

    Yelp Reviews & Upworks Reviews

    Need Upworks Reviews from people with client accounts. You use your client account to hire my freelancer account with job details I'll provide, end contract a couple days later, and leave 5 stars + review i'll provide. Walk away with $10 for your trouble. Also need Yelp Reviews from people with...
  6. Md Humayun Kabir

    Yelp Review Help

    i try to give unlimited review i use vpn but with in 2-3 days all review remove! please help me how can i add unlimited review without remove my review
  7. B

    Need 1+ yelp review in Tampa, FL area

    Established (sticking) accounts only for a permanent review. Please PM me with cost.
  8. S

    Looking for Yelp, Google and FB Reviews

    I am looking for Yelp, Google and FB reviews from verified accounts in the US, preferably California. These accounts should have at least 10 reviews, fully completed with images and bio.
  9. headphonesguy

    US-Based Yelp Elite Reviews, Paying Above Market

    I will provide exact language, rating, and date to be posted. You do nothing but copy/paste into your US-Based Yelp Elite account and collect. Do not reply asking how much, PM with your yelp user name(s) so I can evaluate first. It will be worth your time. This is above market, not 3rd world...
  10. Chihawk

    Yelp reviews needed

    I need aged/active Yelp reviews. Looking in the Houston area. Only good Yelp accounts. Provide your Skype and a brief description of the history of the account and how many you have in the Houston TX area
  11. J

    Yelp (YP) Reviews $5-$20 for Los Angeles, San Diego

    I need some reviews on Yelp (YP). The pay is based on: 1. 2015 or Older Account 2. Los Angeles/OC, surrounding areas 3. Profile must be real: have friends, good profile photo, and not have been abused with paid reviews previously. 4. Content must be manually inputted, I will supply that to you...
  12. L

    Buying Aged Yelp Accounts w/ Friends, Reviews, etc.

    Anybody selling? Reply to this thread with your Skype and I will add you. Let me know your prices. Only quality will be purchased. Looking for 25-50 accounts.
  13. zoomsixx

    How to Get the Best Yelp Reviews

    Article I wrote on how to get better Yelp reviews. This is coming from personal experience.