1. Alma

    wtf these non-existing keywords apparently get thousands of search traffic lol

    and this website is getting 447k traffic out of it Either ahrefs is bugged or something fishy is going on. Someone should try and rank for these keywords.
  2. GainTheImpossible

    If u ever thought ur website's speed is bad... look at these guys.

    Like.. wtf. Gtmetrix might..??! be wrong..?! Idk, can't explain this. Not affiliated, etc. Pretty popular website. Anyway, ah..?!
  3. Leader777

    Weird Freelancer

    So i posted to hire someone and he accepted the offer.Have u ever experienced this shit??:D:D:D:D
  4. MatthewGraham

    How to make $200,000 installing Google Analytics

    WTF These mother fuckers billed the US government almost $200,000 to install Google Analytics on
  5. jaysamuel

    Domain Question

    Say someone registers the domain Then, say someone owns the domain and creates the Lovingbit subdomain, so both domains read Whos site would it point to??
  6. Toal5760

    Youtube starterd demonetizing videos again.

    So many content creators noticed that hundreds of their videos were demonitesed as YT decided they wouldn't fit the updated guidelines. So any exciting content is at risk? LOL Soon all that's left is top 10 and makeup videos. :'D Oh yeah and that creepy Frozen thing, I hope that shit gets striked.
  7. domyhd

    WTF? Search Term?

    Hi, i'm getting lots of traffic on my site for last 3 days and i just noticed that some of the traffic comes from "Search Terms" (LOOK AT PICTURE) Anyone know what is this? And why is it "Unknown"? Is it from Search engines like Google or Yahoo? And i think it should be visible then...
  8. Madame Cosmos

    Anyone know whats happened to IG?All instagram Videos Dropped to Zero Views

    So I run a couple of legitimate pages I run an art community with 200,000 followers and I also run a private page for my furniture shop. Today every single one of my videos as far back is one year have dropped to ZERO views!! The likes are still showing which I average between 30k and 40k views...
  9. alienbaba

    Just woke up from a nightmare involving Browser jacking popunders

    You know you're in blackhat IM when you dream about popunders.. I had just finished reading this.. Then I kinda fell asleep on my phone as I always do.. it's 4am here I had a strange VIVID AS FUCK...
  10. newbiezxc

    Massplanner discontinued

    Just visited massplanner website and it says Sorry, our service is discontinued Our service has been permanently discontinued. ??????????????
  11. artomka

    IG follow ban

    Sup guys! I've recently added my link in BIO and instantly got follow function dissabled! As soon as my bot (1mlnlikes) told me that follow function is disabled, i've turned off all functions and put it to rest for 24h. 3 days already passed and still i cant follow people... Btw i can...
  12. KarenMiller

    Viral videos guaranteed to get into the explore page

    If you run an IG in a genre that would pick up any followers from having a viral animal/crazy/shocking video hit the explore page, keep reading. I run an IG w/60k followers and produce original viral videos of a very unique animal. My videos always hit the explore page, and regularly receive...
  13. maxedgames

    Redirect Loop Error On BHW

    Is anyone else getting this error? This literally happens to me every few minutes when I'm browsing / clicking around the forum. Out of nowhere it says 'Redirect Loop Error' and then I refresh the page and it works fine. Just curious if it is just my browser, anyone else having this same problem?
  14. EmailMaster

    So Facebook is Officially F*****

    Okay so The other day I was manually testing some stuff with facebook, Adding random Friends, Posting on Fanpages and Joining groups. So I had about 100 people add me. I was looking through my News Feed and I saw this Scumbag Who I hope Dies, Post this god awful video of Child Porn. I report...
  15. D ??

    Clicked on instead of bhw by mistake today.... exact clone of the site ? I tried searching but didnt see anyone mention it. Is it a mirror or what?
  16. Vic Sage

    Obama and His Crew (!) - Destination Syria (LMAO)

    My reaction:
  17. CraigNewmark

    Free blogs that allow js forwarding

    Does anyone happen to know of a free blogging service tha allows you to implement your own javascript code? All I want to do is have a blog address and forward it to some other stuff.
  18. T

    Are CPA companies always this dysfunctional?

    All I need right now is just a working tracking link. That's it. A certain offer is down for me and every other affiliate in the network. Everyone loses because of sh1t like this. "So why not just go to another offer?" Right, guys? Well I would if I didn't buy a domain specifically for this...
  19. lazlow

    the WHAT THE F*CK blanket LoL.. if you could sell a wtf blanket to a retard for $59.99, then imagine what other crap you could sell. Has anyone sold to someone something useless?
  20. F

    Facebook Pages Limit?

    I'm creating multiple FB Pages for clients and some other initiatives - now it won't let me... is there a limit on the number of pages one profile can launch/admin? I've looked EVERYWHERE and can't find an answer.
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