1. R

    A Quick Question For Freelance Writers And Content Creators

    As an aspiring freelance writer, I seek advice from active freelancers on their approach to getting writing gigs. Writing is my only skill, and I've been exhausted looking for freelance work for the past few months, I've spent a lot of time sending out proposals but to no avail. Despite...
  2. Nihilism

    [Native] Californian Writers Guild - High Quality Affordable SEO Optimized Blogs & Articles

    SoCal Writers Guild We are a group of six California-based writers, writing content full-time for over four years. What we specialize in Blogs & Articles - You supply us with the topic & keywords, we write about it. Rewrites - You send us the link to an article, we re-write it. However, we'll...
  3. T

    PR writers Needed

    PR writers needed Long term collabs. 10 writers. payment can be discussed.
  4. Nyx004

    End Your Copywriting Struggle With Eduards Marketing Team - C1/C2 Native Writers only for $4/100 words BULK DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

    Bulk Discounts Available for BHW members
  5. P

    Content writers should be really worried...

    seriously, have a good discussion , nd read https://maraoz.com/2020/07/18/openai-gpt3/
  6. R

    Hello i'm In

    Hello Every BHW community member i'm new here, today i join this awesome Community. i'm a professional blog writer, in native English, Hindi language Regards
  7. thehounds

    What quality level do you look for when buying blog content?

    I am working on authority blogs to be monetized with AdSense, Media.net, and perhaps affiliate links etc. I don't have time to write all of the content, so I am looking at options for buying content. I notice that some sellers offer different levels: regular (non-native) and premium (native...
  8. jackmrzhu

    i need writers for bulk articles

    Hi guys, i need writers for bulk articles. Pls add my skype rankseo1 to give me your price and sample.
  9. vedeus

    [Hiring] Long-term Writer and Editor in one

    Looking for someone preferably native, who will write the content themselves. If you have experience with Wordpress or SEO, it would be only good. Your work? Writing articles in the self-development niche. Formatting articles SEO Checklist for each Article Upload I'm looking for around...
  10. BrandonAntony

    (WTH) Content Writers for forum link building

    Looking to hire someone who can write unique, relatable and relevant replies to forum threads (ill provide a full list) that link back to my local business website. The replies must look like a genuine person and must also use an anchor text that I provide. You do not need to post the replies...
  11. Shubhankar Paranjape

    How to Sell Your Ebook if You Actually Want to Make Decent Money from It

    How to Sell Your Ebook if You Actually Want to Make Decent Money from It Source: Unknown Books/ebooks are how you get started as an infopreneur. Earlier, I used to think there were 3 main ways to get your words out there: land a book deal, self-publish a physical book, or self-publish an ebook...
  12. Dayaljai

    I Need German Content Writers long term project

    Hi Friends I Need German content Writers long term project and niche ( Tech, Apple, Android Topic) We would like to find an author who knows the German language well. The article is about Apple / Android devices. All articles are tutorials designed to show readers' articles on how to solve...
  13. R

    WTH - Need a writer to write short restaurant descriptions

    I need someone who can write a short unique description of each restaurant from the list I provide. There will be around 100 restaurants for now and more after this first job. Each description need just a quick summary of what the restaurant serves, or any other interesting info, etc.. Just a...
  14. Myst3ry

    Writers Needed $2-4/1000 words

    Hello BHW freelancers. I need someone who can write articles for me. I'm building a new site and I'm preparing something big. Right now I have a list prepared with ~100 articles and around 200k words but I will need more as well. I can explain what I need in the articles and how to be...
  15. Parker2010

    Adult Content / Article Writers

    Hey there: We are looking to add more adult writers in our team. Interested candidates can PM me with their price (800 words), Skype id and location. We will get in touch in touch with suitable candidate. Many thanks. @Parker2010
  16. dp40oz

    Article Writing Service - High Quality Articles at an Incredible Price! [Special $5 Free Credit!]

  17. Tonywu

    Need 3 Writers now,$8 for 1,000 Words

    I need 3 writers now ,I can pay $8 for 1,000 words. I hope you can finish 1 article/day. My keywords are dropshipping and wholesale, experienced writers are preferred. I will give you the outline every time ,and the articles should be well researched. If you want this work, email me...
  18. HelenaS

    How to convert PDF ebook into KINDLE format? Help!

    Hi people! Currently, I am writing my first ebook in Canva online tool for creating graphics or documents and I will be saving the file like PDF. When I am done, I will be self-publishing it on KindleAmazon. But, I have one question about it. Do I need to convert PDF file into KINDLE format so...
  19. Lovelesh

    ★★ Contentmart.com - Premium Quality Content for SEO & Affiliate Marketers at $3 for 500 Words★★

    Contentmart is a leading online content marketplace that connects thousands of international business clients to talented freelance copywriters and editors across the globe. We have more than 50,000 Freelance writers and our pricing starts from $0.003 to $ 0.07 per word only. So you can hire a...
  20. Kadavercian

    List of good authors on iWriters

    Hi everyone! I start my first site in English, and now I'm looking for a place where I could order good content. I'm testing iWriter.com and I will be grateful if someone can share the list of authors who write well.
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