wp script

  1. fxony

    Need Advice for Adult Tube Website

    Hello everyone :) I started adult tube website 7 months ago, bough offshore vps, wp script theme, choosed niche, did on page seo + a lil bit offpage, optimized titles and descriptions, optimized site speed 100/Mobile 100/PC, and it was good 1-2 months i had 500 unique visitors everyday but it...
  2. Bloodseeker

    How to Get "WPS Booster" from WP-Script for FREE

    I started a porn tube site using a WP-Script theme and some plugins. Everything is great, it's just their WPS Booster plugin sucks. It was completely broken, at least for me, so I got a refund. Then, I found a person on a Discord server who helped me write a small custom code to automatically...
  3. P

    Doubts with WP-Script

    Hi everyone I have acquired the WP-Script which I have been using for an adult video page. However, some complications have arisen. 1) What cache plugin should I use? Reading the information that they publish on their website, I may have to use the W3 Total Cache. But .... a few years ago I...
  4. O

    help me with a wp-script license

    Hello everyone, if there is a member that he has a wp-script license for adult sites and i want to help me with that so that I can get into the universe of adult site I will be very grateful for helping me. Thanks
  5. M

    embedding from EPORNER issue (wp-script clean tube player)

    hi there,i was wondering if anybody else is having this issue? everytime i try to embed videos from EPORNER it doesnt work. it just stretches the video in a weird way and theres no seek bar,play button or anything.you can play the video if you press spacebar but its just weird.heres an example ...
  6. G

    Is WP-Script Reliable?

    They have quite the mixed reputation in forums but I look at their site and it seems to be decent, but I cannot make up my mind whether I should invest in them for one site. I have a day job so spending for the plugins are not too bad a deal and they already discontinued their free plugins...
  7. L

    Does retro tube wp-script have rights to remove logo?

    Hello everyone, I am using retro tube from wp script in my adult website and I see that I have great results from this plugin. But I am afraid that it may violates the rules because it removes the logos and right of the other website like xvideos etc. Can somebody tell me if this is allowed...