Doubts with WP-Script

Pedro Rosario

Apr 24, 2018
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Hi everyone

I have acquired the WP-Script which I have been using for an adult video page. However, some complications have arisen.
1) What cache plugin should I use? Reading the information that they publish on their website, I may have to use the W3 Total Cache. But .... a few years ago I already used another theme for this type of pages and I remember I had some problems. On that occasion, with this same plugin, the videos could not be played because they had been "cached" and (as a person told me) their IP changes constantly. Then it required a "special configuration" so that the videos are not cached. Will I need something similar in this case?
2) I don't know if it's related to the theme ... but something strange happened when I connected my page to the CDN (Cloudflare). GZip compression, among other things, was automatically lost. I did several tests in Pingdom Tools and it appeared that the GZIP compression was at 0. After disconnecting from the CDN that changed. But now I don't know whether to recalculate a CDN.
3) Is there a way in which users can send videos WITHOUT BEING REGISTERED?
Maybe I should ask these questions to the same theme support team but in their help page they ask me to enter my username and password ... and I really am not willing to give that information.

Finally, will there be any plugin or something else that you can recommend to improve my page?

Thank you for your answers.