embedding from EPORNER issue (wp-script clean tube player)


Sep 4, 2019
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hi there,i was wondering if anybody else is having this issue?
everytime i try to embed videos from EPORNER it doesnt work.
it just stretches the video in a weird way and theres no seek bar,play button or anything.you can play the video if you press spacebar but its just weird.heres an example :
**link removed - please don't link to porn**

im using wp script clean tube player,and i think it might be that clean tube and eporner dont play nice together or something?not sure.i always used clean tube and eporner used to work fine for 15 days.now all of a sudden is like this.and not just for the new videos i embed.it retroactively screwed up all the others i embedded a month ago
(this issue only happens on videos embedded from eporner).any help would be much appreciated.cause all of a sudden 20% of all my videos are out of commission and i dont know how to pinpoint where the problem might be
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