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  1. AriantheWise

    What is the best offshore hosting to use for an adult tube/ adult blog site?

    Hey BHW, what is the best (affordable) offshore hosting to use for an adult tube/blog site? As I am looking to start my site and want to avoid running into these issues. I see a lot of different ones mentioned and would love to hear what anyone with experience and success in this uses.
  2. R

    Tube Sites - Fact or Myth?

    Hello, I started a niche tube site three weeks ago, and added it to GSC about two weeks ago. So far I'm getting most of my traffic from social media, with only 9 clicks from Google. I've been following Adrian's guide so far [Mod edit no links to sites], but I have some questions about his...
  3. H

    Hello my dudes

    Hey everybody. I've been lurking for a few days and finally decided to join. Over the years my niche porn collection has grown to about 100GB and it has been difficult to share it with others; I've had a dropbox, google drive, and mega account all terminated due to sharing (legal) porn. Most of...
  4. S

    since xhamster and xvideos can no longer be used for re-upload, which site is the next best thing?

    i've tried spankbang and motherless. motherless was useless. under 1k views average for all vids and spankbang was ok but deleted all my videos without notice. i even had 20 subscribers on my profile. every video gone. so which site should i try next for re-upload?
  5. Y

    Tags and categories for a Milf porn site

    Hi guys For a Milf tube site is it better to use unique categories and tags like “blonde milf” or something generic like they do on big site? Cause I did some research on the best sites of this niche that rank well and I noticed that they use the same categories and tags of the other sites like...
  6. Y

    My site goes down with PHP 8.0 version

    Hi guys! I have a WordPress adult site built with WP script. I have the PHP version at 7.2 and I should bring it to at least 7.4 but when I switch to the new ones my site goes down with the classic “ 404 error page not found” . I don’t know if is a problem with some plugin or the Retrotube...
  7. vstevenphan

    ✅ ✅ My journey to reach $10000 per month with adult tube ✅ ✅

    Hello everyone, who has a passion to earn money here :) I know there are controversial topics about starting an adult site to earn money as many people said this field is saturated enough. However, I have a lot of free time during Covid 19 pandemic. Why don't give it a try to get rid of a...
  8. Jake662

    Starting A Tube Site

    So Basically just as the title suggests.. I have a domain & hosting from Namecheap. I have an xvideos style theme uploaded on the site. I have embedded a few videos(P.S. What's best embedding or hosting vids?) I am currently marketing the site via reddit till my site gets picked up by search...
  9. ziko12345

    Which ad networks do you recommend for an adult tube site?

    I just created my adult tube site. Im getting around 1k - 2k traffic daily 80% tier 1 . I have tried juicy ads but the earnings were realy low so i tried exoclick. What RPM should i expect for this traffic? Any good network you guys recommend? Thanks!
  10. J

    Embedded Videos From YouPorn Not Working Anymore On Mobile

    You might be in the same boat as me so I'm thinking about what to do next. I always thought embedding videos is the way to go mainly because of the server resources but this makes me think twice. Namely, all the videos embedded from YouPorn are not playing on mobile anymore, instead, every...
  11. JetBlack101

    HELP! Hide url Source in Embedded Videos

    Hi, I've been learning about the dos and don'ts with adult tube sites. I've come a long way. However, I can't seem to get over the hump with the following statement: "If you have an embedded adult tube site you will be hit by Google because you aren't masking the original URL footprints in the...
  12. D

    How can I host my adult content videos?

    I'm working on a site that could be seen as a combination between and . I make all the content that will be uploaded to the site but I have no idea where to host these videos and for the cheapest amount possible. Just for an idea I have 30 videos and would like to...
  13. Infamous Nik

    My NSFW Subreddit + Your Tube site

    Hello I have a Nsfw subreddit with 23k members. I don't know how to monetize that subreddit. So if you have a tube site and want to post an infinite number of posts to my subreddit and drive traffic to your site then we can do partnership. Profit - I get 40% you get 60 %. If you want more...
  14. Icey Dan

    Tube Site Profits - Profitable Adult Sites Completely Done For You!

    Sex sells, and it always will. One of the best ways to make money with this evergreen niche is running your very own adult tube site! Lots of members right here on these forums have already made money with tube sites, and having created many of them myself I got inspired to create a brand new...
  15. M

    WP-Script products

    Hello everyone, I am making an adult tube website using wp-script's products. I am using the Retro Tube theme, WPS Single Embedder, WPS player. I bought these after reading several articles about them and now I am stuck. I have a lot of questions about the WPS player and how to properly add...
  16. ziko12345

    Free video hosting for an adult tube site

    Hey people! Sorry if this is the wrong section, i didnt know where else to put it. I want to start a couple of adult tube sites and i want to upload videos in a host or sth. Free hosting is a must bc i dont want to spend anything at first. I am open to all suggestions. It will be good if yoi...
  17. hatterftw1

    Looking for good tube site template for Blogger site

    I'm in need of a good video tube type template for blogger/blogspot, I have never really created a tube type blogger site so never really needed a template like this before. Anyone got any recommendations ?
  18. M

    embedding from EPORNER issue (wp-script clean tube player)

    hi there,i was wondering if anybody else is having this issue? everytime i try to embed videos from EPORNER it doesnt work. it just stretches the video in a weird way and theres no seek bar,play button or can play the video if you press spacebar but its just weird.heres an example ...
  19. M

    a solid reliable website for porn uploading?

    i need a reliable site to upload watermarked porn.been ghosted by all major(and non) sites after about 15 days.i thought i'd have a little more time before they shut me down .i mean,my videos had barely 200 views each and i was uploading only 3 a its not like i was bombarding them with...
  20. the gent

    Got this Premium Adult Niche domain

    Hey Y'all I've been searching for domains for my adult niche site, And with a 3 weeks of brainstorming, i found a bunch and one of them is ONE word .com adult niche domain name, the one word domain name is the main keyword itself with: 22,200 Monthly search and Keyword Difficulty is 23 its...
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