wordpress optimization

  1. hellis

    Avoid These 65 Slow Loading WordPress Plugins

    Which Plugin Is Slowing Down Your WordPress Website? I’ve been using WordPress for a very long time and tested hundreds of WordPress plugins. Below is a list of slow loading plugins that will slow down your website. Note that I have personally tested the below plugins and your experience with...
  2. A

    Please help my FCP and FID is high according to page insight.

    Hi I need some help to reduce these FCP and FID I just recently check my webmaster console and coverage shows something slow page and check the perfomance speed under the console and use the insight tool. Now it shows this Do you know how to fix this issue? I already have wprocket but not...
  3. seoz87

    Wordpress Optimization Tips - Reduce High CPU Usage And Load Time

    I have a very strong experience of working with very diversified wordpress websites including but not limited to eCommerce websites, directory websites, blogs, corporate website etc. During all these years working with wordpress, I have faced many issues ranging from high CPU usage on shared...
  4. laurentiukendo

    Hi BHW! I need some help

    Hi.I am now starting again to promote my old affiliate advertiser using CJ.I am interested tio pay someone who is good at wordpress optimization and SEO . The domain is .co.uk and the keywords I'm using are very low competition. I bought traffic from maxvisits,like 20k in 20 days and 3 articles...
  5. Caesar13

    Wordpress SEO

    Here are the list of tasks which I performs on my clients blog to ensure that there blog will get higher ranking in search engines. Basic configuration Permalink Structure Improvement Set up there domain name to either www or without www as per your preferences WordPress SEO...
  6. S

    Need to Hire an Autoblogger

    If you are experienced autoblogger please PM me for your services or reply to this thread. Give examples and stats. i have all the premium plugins and themes and domains already, and am an seo expert myself. I want the best autoblogs, full rss txts, images, i dont use adsense, i use other...
  7. R

    Wordpress Blog Seo

    I am running wordpress blog on my website . Please give me advice how to optimize it for search engines , what plugins to use and etc . This would be usefull for all starters who will find all information in one thread , thank you
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