Need to Hire an Autoblogger

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by seoguy1, May 8, 2009.

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    If you are experienced autoblogger please PM me for your services or reply to this thread. Give examples and stats. i have all the premium plugins and themes and domains already, and am an seo expert myself.

    I want the best autoblogs, full rss txts, images, i dont use adsense, i use other ways to monetize my sites, if you are good i'll give you access to this special search feed (yes, its search feed on content site)

    i'd like to buy some autoblogs as well, no crap please, plz PM about it.

    iideally you need to be able to use wp cloner plugin to clone to each site and customize these bad boys.

    also not necessary but if you can upload articles by xmls using wordpressautoposterdotcom thats a plus

    I'm looking to pay $50 to $100 on the first site, then we can clone it and figure out based on time.
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    i would like the bllogs to include yahoo questions and youtube videos as well
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    for monetization i use a special yahoo feed, thats it, no adsense, and the content post pages should be getting the reader to click on my ads.

    you'll need to be able to use auto social poster, and be good with plugins. if you have a good system you use and are successful, i am ok with that too!