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  1. SocialTuber

    How to set featured image to fit whole screen?

    Hi, I have been trying to figure this out for a while but nothing seems to work, for those wondering I use Astra theme and Elementor Pro as editor. Would be appreciated if someone could help me out! Additionally, there is a lot of whitespace above the featured image between the image and the...
  2. KJREDDY247@

    Which plugins are you using to add .stl / 3d xml... file viewer on WordPress? (For 3d Viewer)

    Which plugins are you using to add .stl file viewer on WordPress? Any better options to have a 3d viewer option for a WordPress site? To have something like on this website: https://www.traceparts.com/en/product/fischer-connectors-hex-nuts-hex-nut-m32x1?Product=10-12042011-085583
  3. R

    How to make 2 sections merge into shape using elementor WordPress

    How to merge 2 different sections in different shapes (upper one is in triangle, and Lower one is the opposite of that no 1 triangle) into 1 sections. It's a bit complicated to explain, but there's an option in elementor named as shape divider which allows us to make sections into shape, so i...
  4. Nw_Work

    Please help to fix repeated catergories using woocommerce wp experts pls advice

    This Is what the issue looks like; https://prnt.sc/uy8orp this is when you scroll down on same page; https://prnt.sc/uy8p4s Backend woocommerce categories look like this so how come it repeats like that under sub page? https://prnt.sc/uy8pnw Best Regards, NW
  5. S

    Need Help Wordpress.How to do this.

    Hi Friends, This is an easy thing for many people. Please help me, on how to do this. Simple i do not know few things about wordpress. Please assume we have A,B,C,D four different products or brands. When we click the first product or brand "A" it takes to another sub-page, there...
  6. ZeroDefects

    Is there a WP plugin to show which media in your library is being used?

    I want to trim down my media library in wordpress. There are numerous images, man of which are not being used. Is there a plugin that will segregate the ones that are in posts versus the ones that are just stored in the media folder?
  7. KJREDDY247@

    Help :Any wordpress expert help me here..

    I am trying to add a specific page in WordPress site It should be like this with those multiple tabs on top with those multiple tabs and add tables like below and a 3d image section Can someone suggest to me through which plugin or theme builder I can do this easily? I saw some plugin...
  8. Haksxsx`

    Does anyone know how to implement this kinda portfolio ??

    I Have been working on a website and got stuck with a portfolio section where there's a masonry grip with media images but also uses custom facebook feed and instagram feed to show their last images. i'll attach a screen for reference. Both plugins automatically implement the latest posted...
  9. Danny Crypto

    Shifting from xyz.wordpress.com to xyz.com

    Hey guys, I want to shift my blog to domain from xyz.wordpress.com > xyz.com How all my posts on current site (xyz.wordpress.com) will be reflected on (xyz.com) How should I do that? Bought: - - a domain from namecheap - I have to buy hosting for it too should I buy from namecheap only...
  10. S

    Need someone who is able to add a Function on Wordpress

    Hello everyone, i need someone who is able to add this: developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/HTMLElement/focus#Examples focus function on my Wordpress search function on my Page. The Search function of my Wordpress Page is actually working. Currently i need to click on a Search Button to...
  11. C

    How do I remove duplicate content on wordpress (porn)?

    I accidentally installed wordpress and all my plugins to my website\wp. Then, I changed the settings to direct it to just my website. How do I correct this so my website\wp folder is deleted? I’m using 24/7 host with XWPThemes, KenPlayer Importer Pro, and Ken Transformer Plugin. Thanks very...
  12. N

    Wordpress Help Needed!

    Hey folks! So first, I want to say that if this is in the wrong forum, please feel free to move it Mods. Now, I'm working on a Wordpress website for a client, and it's a relatively small website with not many images. However, as I go to upload an image, I'm getting a 'http error' and that's...
  13. maxedgames

    Complete Guide On WORDPRESS!

    I have used wordpress for about 90% of my personal websites & also my clients websites, wordpress is a very powerful platform and yet extremely easy to use and operate, even if you know nothing about it. I have decided to create a full complete guide on using and familiarizing people with...
  14. maxedgames

    (FREE) Wordpress Help & Advice

    Hello Bhw! I am a very experienced wordpress website designer, I have created well over 27 sites for both clients and myself. The websites I have created range from e-commerce to personal blogs and everything in between. I have used wordpress for all of these sites and I am confident I can help...
  15. coolsheet

    How do I add 3 horizontal buttons in wordpress post?

    EDIT: Same question but should have titled this thread: "How do I add 3 Horizontal images to a wordpress post?" I usually do this with a widget or some sort of page builder. If there is no page builder and all you get is the regular visual/text editor section, what coding would I add to the...
  16. PChanger

    WordPress Spacing Problem. Any Ideas?

    Hey guys, I am trying to adjust where the text is on my websites homepage, but for some reason like all of the text goes to the right half of the screen and leaves the left half completely blank. Any ideas on how I can fix this? (I'm running WordPress 3.9.2). Thanks! Here is my site...
  17. D

    Yoast Video SEO 1.6.3 Plugin HELP!

    I found older version of this plugin but when i install that plugin i don't get new option for "Video" in yoast edit page. I think that i need 1.6.3 version to make it work. Does anyone have Yoast Video SEO 1.6.3 version?
  18. B

    [help] Need to find out how this was done in wordpress

    Hi guys, I'm currently in the mode of designing my site and have been researching everywhere trying to find out how a design was done on wordpress on the sidebar. Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about: From what I'm thinking, it could be a widget,but the person has locked he's...
  19. G

    wordpress site Title not showing in google

    Hai, i am using wordpress theme Alium and uses plugin ALL IN ONE SEO PACK..my problem is my Title is not been cached in Google. but my description is cached immediately even i make any change.. it reflects. i use same meta tag(title, description,keyword) content in both theme seo option and...
  20. bullseye123

    Can somebody please help with a Wordpress Theme Issue

    Hi All Geniuses!! I was following the thread with the wordpress help, but seems like that thread have died!! Is there any body that can help me with 2 small problems Im facing om my website. Im using a copy of the Geoplaces v3 theme downloaded from bhw. Everything was working fine, and...
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