wordpress autoblogs

  1. BaranKanat

    How can I earn money with the WordPress auto blog plugin?

    (sorry for my limited English my native language is not English) I've seen many threads on the forum about this. Frankly, it intrigued me. But I don't know much about it. Is there a document or video series for this? I also have a few questions. For example, can't the owner of the content we...
  2. RoyalOffshore

    RoyalOffshore | Websites For Sale - Earn Money with OK.ru - Embeds Streaming - Movie theme - Hosting

    PLACE ORDER - FAQ - SERVICES AUP/TOS/ABUSE/DMCA ----------------------------- http://royaloffshore.net ----------------------------- REVIEW DISCOUNT FOR THE FIRST 100 LUCKY BUYERS FEEL FREE TO REQUEST THE COUPON IN THIS THREAD
  3. A

    [Is there any tools exist]which can manage multile wordpress blog?

    For sure there is a software which can manage multiple free wordpress accounts for posting. I saw a guy was posting same articles in thousands of free wordpress sites in one day!He is spinning content but still there were some footprint where i caught him. does anyone knows the name of that...
  4. dontedro

    IM Automation Suite - Create Yahoo, Hotmail, Twitter, Tumblr, Wordpress accounts!

    This Provider has been banned for breaking the rules by posting fake reviews with multiple accounts, perpetrating fraud and deception against staff members, and overall being a scumbag.
  5. chamal

    WP-Robot Plugin

    can some one give a link to download free premium wp-robot plugin ? :)
  6. sfidirectory

    Making autoblog content unique

    Hi All, I have a Wordpress Autoblog and am wondering if there is a plug-in that will spin the content and give it a reasonable level of uniqueness? Obviously the spinned content would need to be readable and make sense, and pass something like Copyscape. I also had a client of mine ask me...
  7. sfidirectory

    Mas Delete Wordpress Posts (for self hosted Wordpress C.M.S)

    Hi all, After a thorough clean up of my site's blog I realised that a whole lot of spammy links were posted right after each post (if you're wondering, they were like viagra links etc - see this thread...
  8. aldragon

    LOL been scrapingt on my own PR4 blog

    I have a Blog on a website PR4, didn't know what to do with it so went ahead and put wp robot; the site is about design and style but has very little traffic, Just realized today that I have been scrapeboxing it without knowing it....:o
  9. K

    [ASK] what is plugin for auto tweet except birdfeeder

    I'm looking plugin wordpress witch can do autotweet on tweeter. so that plugin simple change our links with shorternet url maker . and tweet to our twetter account everytime we do posting. thanks guy with your helping. I already use birdfeeder but it returns error now.
  10. O

    [Help]How to control all of my blogs?!

    Hi there, I wanted to start my "Niche Blogs Network" today, and thought to myself, wait a minute, how do I control such a huge amount of blogs? Any software available? How do I even post anything to these blogs? Only remembering the usernames and passwords of the admin panel for each blog is a...
  11. M

    Can anyone with Word Press knowledge please tell me whats wrong!

    I have a worpress 3.0 News site and for the life of me, I cant get excerpts thumbnails to work on the home page. If you click the post the thumbnail is correct but the excerpt uses my default image. I have used this theme and others in the past without issues. I also use wp-o-matic for the...
  12. ch8878

    Is there a good WordPress auto blog article fetcher ?

    Right know I been using article fetch it seems to be pulling articles that have been made by content hurricane they are all junk and the articles arent even the keywords I used is there something better ?
  13. btheory

    My LITTLE Tweak To Increase CPA Conversions via Social Networking Traffic***

    Blah blah blah.. I want to give back to the community for all the awesomeness I've learned... Blah blah.. You know the story. Alright - this idea just came out of my ass, but I figured I would put it up here for all you fiends to rip apart. This tweak is for those of you with Twitter or...
  14. S

    Please review my site and tell me if you are seeing adsense codes?

    Hi there this is my old site which is running autopilot for 6 months. premierleaguemedia.com Actually I did not make any money more than 10$ from that time, but I did not make any link building or any methods to drive traffic. The site is running wordpress latest version. All of a...
  15. S

    [HOT] Does ANYONE know of a Plugin Like this one Mentioned?

    Does anyone know of a plugin or tool that can be used with wordpress that can cloak or highlight a keyword in the post of the blog and put a link to a URL for that main keyword in your blog? This would be very beneficial especially with all the autoposting and spinning of content. Ie. Keyword...
  16. V

    free autoblogs

    hey people i have just put up a wordpress MU (multi user) ad am willing to host autoblogs pm me if you want one and i will give you the sites url, goes with out saying this is free of charge, the Mu is all set up ready for adsense and clickbank integration. You can also pop over to the site and...
  17. P

    :: autoblog :: free hosting + free domain + wordpress vs blogger

    Hello all, I had been with a question in mind about autoblog. Please tell me your thougths. In one side I've an option of free hosting + free domain and create 100-300 blogs using wordpress. In the other side 100-300 blogs in blogger. So, what's the best option? Is it blogspot better for...
  18. G


    Anyone heard of WpTweetBomb? It's a wp plugin I came across on a BH site. Does autoblogging posts to multiple twitter accounts Auto follow users on Twitter Collects content from any site (not just RSS) Target specific niches & leverage your current operations by using your keywords to build...
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