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    Hi all,

    After a thorough clean up of my site's blog I realised that a whole lot of spammy links were posted right after each post (if you're wondering, they were like viagra links etc - see this thread: Reluctantly I decided the best thing for me was to delete all 4000 or so posts, empty all browser/database caches etc, delete all plug-ins that showed "related post" links, as well as a thorough look at most of the underlying code. I also ran a few tests, thanks to advice given to me in the thread mentioned in this post. I thought it was going to be a painful task removing so many posts, but luckily Wordpress has a handy plug-in for mass deleting posts:

    Am not sure if this has already been mentioned so apologies if so. Hopefully none of you will end up in my situation (with the viagra links etc), but this is an extremely handy plug-in should you need to start fresh. I tested my blog for the Pharma hack but couldn't see anything. I update my antivirus software several times a day, because I'm constantly going into my site and want to be cautious. One guy told me to use regex to solve the problem, but since I have no idea how to use regex, and the fact that I have had a shit of a flu the past 3 days, I decided to use this plug-in. Regex looks quite complex and when your nose is blocked up to hell with snot you find it hard to learn and concentrate on new things, especially something complex like regex. I have already sent out a fresh batch of posts to at least provide some content to any readers (I use Guest Blogger).

    Here is the Google search url I used to get the plug-in:
    Sorry for blabbering etc...