wordpres plugins

  1. U

    Xml Data To Wordpress

    Hi I need help to figure this out and how to do it. I have large data in xml files(small files) 200 gb total. I would like to creat a website that can display such data. I am thinking of doing xml to database and then display that database to WordPress blog. or creat xml import plugin that can...
  2. clyde2

    Any good WP plugin for hotel booking?

    Do you know any good free Wordpress plugin for booking? I found 2 but where not good. Just calendars.
  3. R

    NEED Wordpress Developer to code my custom Design

    Hey, I have my website All Designed and I need someone to make it work in wordpress. I have all the PSD files ready to go. I have a small budget for this and need it done asap. It is a fairly small site with about 20 pages total. I have all the content ready to go. I have Home page designed...
  4. wickedguy

    WPlinkjuice. HIGH PR, d0f0ll0w Backlinks on Autopilot!

    Hi guys, I've coded an new wordpress plugin which will create high pr d0f0ll0w backlinks to your posts on autopilot. I want to give you the opportunity to take it for a test-run. The plugin will do blog commenting on high pr pages. The plugin have default comments as well as default proxies...
  5. A

    (REQ) Managing Multiple Blog- managewp

    Can someone get this program: managewp.com? It's appears to be exactly what I need to manage multiple WP Blogs. Thanks in advance
  6. Xaviers

    Best wordpres plugins

    I haven't been here long enough to post links but I was looking for the best wordpress plugins and I came across a lot of stuff all from this BHW and I wanted to put it all in one place in one thread so I copied and pasted. I didn't sort it I just copied and pasted to put it all in one place...