wordpres plugins

  1. nifras

    How to add images automatically in WordPress posts from free image source like Pexels

    my question in the title. i want to know if is there any way to do that automatically. search picture from the title keyword and add it to the post
  2. Yupwork

    Researchable Database on WP-site

    Hi guys I picked up database and it's already organized and ready to use and this csv include two rows : "product-ASIN" & "prduct info" but I want to make it researchable database on my WordPress site. I mean if the visitor search about the product-ASIN automatically product's info appears. I...
  3. litemere

    [Giveaway] Crocoblock's JetPlugins | Genuine Two Year License | $260 Value

    Greetings, Fellow BlackHatWorld Members, This is a Giveaway post for all Crocoblock's JetPlugins | Genuine Two-Year License | $260 Value Plugins: JetElements 2.6.7 Must-have design widgets JetTabs 2.1.18 A smart way to organize content JetReviews 2.2.7 Add reviews, comments, and rates...
  4. Yupwork

    Keyword Research Tool

    Hi I want to show a keyword suggest bar front my visitor, which mean when a visitor type certain keyword on the bar he will get a result for keyword suggest But I want to do this with WordPress plugin or theme
  5. Elysional

    Wordpress Licenses | Themes and Plugins | Limited Discount

    The items listed below include agency licenses obtained from developers. That's the only reason I can offer items at a discount. All items will have a developer update through the Wordpress panel during the service period. Please read the terms and conditions at the bottom of the topic. %10...
  6. skillingmadoffcapital

    Seting up own affiliate system or how can I easly pay my partners for sourcing me clients

    Hello money making pros and business hustlers TL;DR What's the cheapest, easiest and fastest way to setup my own "affiliate" marketing like system or implementing any other simple solution so I can pay my partners for sourcing me new clients (wordpress plugin, or "bootstrapped solution" it...
  7. predator1988@

    Reduce bouce rate with Wordpress plugin?

    Is it a good idea to use WP plugin to reduce bounce rate. Will google notice this?
  8. MartonB

    WP Redirections Plugin utm redirect

    I'm trying to redirect a UTM link to the original post URL using the redirection plugin URL is as I want it to apply this rule for all posts: please any idea how to make this work
  9. superseo

    Looking for tool/plugin for bulk posting from text file to wordpress site

    Hello I have a lot of txt files that I want to upload in bulk to my wordpress site in the text file you have the: Title Summary Keywords Article Body I'm looking for tool that can help me upload it to my wordpress site and schedule it's published time, if extra benefit that i'm looking is to...
  10. ThatBloke

    Any plugin recommendations?

    I want to my Wordpress website to have a warranty checking section where my clients can check their warranty is still valid and some other info about the service we have give to them. We will add these information manually by ourselves. I used to do this with a plugin called “Custom searchable...
  11. O

    Need reccomendation for wordpress forum theme

    Hi everyone, I am currently building website which I would like to be forum styled like reddit. Do you have any wp forum theme to recommend me which looks good since I couldn't find the adequate one. Most of them just have forum layout and pretty much are made to be viral websites. Every...
  12. Danki

    What is the best Wordpress comment plugin ?

    Hi guys, I used to use Facebook comments plugin, but I didn't like it, especially that people have to login with Facebook to write a comment. I've deleted recently, and I've got an idea that the default WordPress comments is good for the reason that I can collect emails to use them for email...
  13. Rajzzsoni

    Category and Sub-category page Layout in wordpress/woocommerce

    Hello, I have been working on my first ever eCommerce project. I have decided to go with wordpress using woocommerce and have flatsome theme but facing an issue with category and sub category layout design. Actually i want different layouts for both the pages i.e category and sub category but...
  14. nifras

    Advice Needed .wordpress Post are deleted automatically

    Hi All I having this problem since last week my All WordPress post is get deleted automatically except pages. I change the log in with email and change normal user password also. but How i can find the issue cause By ?
  15. studentnew

    Ecommerce affiliate site

    Hi Experts, Please let me know what are the best wp theme for Ecommerce affiliate site and it's related auto plugins
  16. xRex

    wordpress referral Locker plugin ?

    Hello I am looking for a referral Locker plugin for wordpress is there such a thing as?...ever. where to get a referral link, then x a lot of person must send the link and be able to see the content very thanks for your help ^^
  17. B

    Is there a way to use wordpress plugins on non wordpress sites?

    Subject says it all. Wondering if there is a way to adapt the plugins.
  18. samwarez

    How to Use External Image url as Featured Image in WordPress?

    How to Use External Image url as Featured Image in WordPress?
  19. nycdude

    Auto-tagging plugin for Wordpress? What's hot lately?

    Hello all. I'm looking for an auto-tagging plugin for WP, and I can't find anything new on Codecanyon or Wordpress.org. Everything that is available is years old without updates, and quite frankly I don't trust them when they get that old because of hackers. Anyone can suggest something...
  20. yagami-iori

    Adsense/Native Ads/WP: How to change post display by referral source?

    Hi guys, Long time since I haven't posted here, but I was always keeping an eye on the forum. I've been in the internet marketing field for a long time now. I've been doing some blackhat occasionally, but my main focus is consultation with MSB. I've had the opportunity in the last year to work...