word count

  1. bbrokeaf

    User Experience VS Google Algo

    I'm currently building a white hat blog by ranking for low comp keywords and I was conflicted on word count. Most of the topics I cover can be sufficiently explained in 300 words or less but I'm curious if the google ranking algorithm will knock me down in the serps for this. The optimistic side...
  2. Dark Hat 007

    Does Number of words matter in SEO - Watch this Google MythBursting Video

    I just saw this on SEO Round Table. I have no idea if it has been posted already. Anyways. The following questions were answered in this video Updating the same type of content each year vs creating new one (00:00) Introduction to the episode (1:07) How much content should I have and to...
  3. SuccessIsTheOnlyOption

    Is word counts still important?

    For example, I write review articles for the products and I want to get ranked on the 1st page of Google. Do word counts still matter in your article? I am planning to always write 500-800 word articles for my blog.
  4. Roger Marquez

    Pillar Post Question...

    Hi there fellas...Quick question. What have been the largest pillar post you have ever seen ranking on Google? 5k words? 10k words? 15k words? 20k+ words? What would be the advisable length for a pillar post? Cheers!
  5. D

    Which word count tool do you use?

    What tools do you use to count how many words an article contains in your site?
  6. Yuvalg2

    Can I Rank a wordless Web site with no Keywords?

    Hey everyone. i built a website which is a food comparing tool (you enter food names and see nutrition comparison) Link : https://compareyourfood.com/ Now regardless the Title and few word of explanation (and maybe the about page) i have no key-wording on my site. I could write i few article...