1. bunaziua

    Question About WordPress (Pop Up With Coupon)

    Hi guys, I created a website using Wordpress and WooCommerce, I want to integrate Popup to give possibility when somebody is adding their email and to get via email coupon code 5%, and to be automatic. What plugins or how to search the web to find this kind of results. I did it in the past but...
  2. krs-one

    woocommerce dropshipping plugins

    Hello, I currently use shopify for my dropshipping store and I want to switch to woocommerce because of no transaction fees. I want to know if woocommerce has plugins like: -customer reviews -mass order fulfill -bulk order discount -in cart upsell -paypal tracking -abandoned cart...
  3. 2richtospeak

    How do i get to create and verify an account on 1688?

    Hi guys, I've been trying to start a dropshipping business since last month, having read an article that items on 1688 are cheaper compared to Aliexpress. I am actually building a large but kinda specific niche, i am yet to complete it. So far i have gotten my first 3 orders even before...
  4. cosmo89

    Need help with woocommerce site

    i need help with my woocommerce site product page customization. I want to add 2-3 fields with automatic price adding with total price. If you are really aware about TM WooCommerce Extra Option then do let me know. Budget - $20
  5. Shabzy

    How to Grow My Online E-commerce Store

    Hello Guys, I'm running my online e-commerce store which is in a restricted niche. I need some advice on how I can grow my store? I have been doing some SEO but look to work on this more. I have some good articles on the website (looking to add more), my product descriptions are really...
  6. mantinis

    Superb Looking Wordpress Websites✅Premium Templates & Plugins✅E-Commerce✅Support & Revisions

    Refund Policy: On average, we complete our orders in less than 7 days. However, if we are not able to deliver services within 14 working days we are more than happy to provide a full refund.
  7. P


    Hi guys, what is the best woocommerce wordpress theme for you this 2019?
  8. Pierre Merlin

    Woocommerce page 1 / page 2 / page 3... Argh :)

    Hello, for our store we use Woocommerce and manually customize every and each snippet for products, category, blog, pages, etc. The problem comes with categories - if a category has more than one page the SEO is duplicated for each page raising flags. Is it important to have different SEO...
  9. arplayer2k

    RE: Looking for wordpress integration and troubleshooting

    Hi, We're looking for a wp and woocommerce guru. For the odd jobs. Should be very capable. Direct hires only. Thanks, Ali
  10. jongmr

    do i need change my domain because of paypal

    hey so i had paypal business account attached on my recent domain (mydomain.tk) and suddenly for no reason my paypal business account got blocked. it was fresh paypal business account and i was not received any payments from my customers because i had no customers yet the website wasnt ready...
  11. jongmr

    import product reviews from aliexpress to woocommerce

    Which tool do you guys use to import product reviews from Aliexpress to Woocommerce? i Tried ryviu, but its not free im looking for free one...
  12. abdulatif

    HAF i need little php on woocommerce

    Hello guys. im looking for wp developer I need add separate after subcategories li or markup or h1 or div. http://prntscr.com/p5y1y5 it solved thanx <3
  13. Shabzy

    SEO and Social Media Marketing strategy for Pharmaceutical Research Chemical Company

    Hello Guys, I currently run an ecommerce website using WordPress which sells research chemicals. Its quite a niche product but I understand Google restricted websites like mine under their "Medic Update" which affected YMYL websites. I have recently developed some back links through posting...
  14. tianbo84

    How many still using aliexpress mid 2019?

    Wondering if this year people are still using aliexpress regularly? I remember doing some mobile lenses few years back and it did ok but have heard it's almost better to find a local wholesaler or private label nowadays. Is that just due to quality, shipping, or returns? Side note anyone...
  15. CPA Studio

    Custom Wordpress Theme with your Details [One man's trash is another man's treasure]

    So i just got a subscription of this tool to learn a bit more about how these theme builders works, Its good its light weight but i don't like it, its perfect for small blogs and is integrated with woo commerce. I have no use for it. However i figured might as well give the themes away with...
  16. koulde

    Looking for a woocommerce payment gateway plugin developer

    Hello, As mentioned in the title, I am trying to hire a developer for a custom woocommerce payment gateway. I have the API documentations and will share it with you — just Pm with your rates.
  17. TheMixtapeMafia


    Just created a few stores using WP/WooCommerce - Using SHOPMASTER premium - 80 bucks a month... had 6 sales first week... trying to makde more visible and make google see 2000+ products on each one... Looking forward to posting progress...
  18. c.business

    Looking for WooCommerce payment gateways

    Need payment gateways for a WooCommerce store, looking for one that takes on high risk busineses. So far, stripe, square and paypal have declined the store after just 10k being processed in the space of a week. If your out there and can help with a payment gateway, get intouch. Thanks
  19. jongmr

    payment gateway for website store

    hey a few days ago I just started running my drop shipping jewelry store with woocommerce and I’m on my last steps to complete my store. 1.what is best payment gateaway that provides most of payment methods? (credit card,PayPal,... 2.also I can confirm my phone number and bank account for...
  20. Rajzzsoni

    Category and Sub-category page Layout in wordpress/woocommerce

    Hello, I have been working on my first ever eCommerce project. I have decided to go with wordpress using woocommerce and have flatsome theme but facing an issue with category and sub category layout design. Actually i want different layouts for both the pages i.e category and sub category but...