1. $30

    Wordpress, WCFM and PHP Help Needed $150

    Hi everybody, I'm looking for someone who can edit a Wordpress/Woocommerce plugin for me and a client. The plugin is Auction Lots for iBid, I reached out to the plugin author but they have not offer customization, only support. The site will be an auction website similar to eBay however it will...
  2. jemzozole

    Gtag.js, wocommerce not collecting enchanced ecommerce data. How to set it up?

    Hello! My google analytics works fine but it doesn't collect enhanced e-commerce data. How can I set it up the simplest way? [It doesn't show conversions etc]
  3. L

    Question from wordpress expert

    I want to make wordpress ecommerce website which plugin is used to add automated products in my website and from where i will add the automated products aliexpress alibaba amazon can some one please clear my confusion Thank You
  4. Danki

    How to add more affiliate button in Woocommerce?

    Hi guys, I'm doing affiliate marketing with 2 companies, but I can only put 1 link in Woocommerce button. Is there a way to put 2 buttons on 1 single product page? so I can let the user choose which company he wants.
  5. jemzozole

    Help with PHP snippet.

    Hello guys. I have no idea how much I will have to pay for that but: (WordPress + Woocommerce) a) I have a category that has to be hidden from mypage.com/shop/ ; b) All products from this category also shouldn't be visible on the /shop/ page ; c) However, if a user goes directly to the category...
  6. jemzozole

    Wordpress / Woocommerce plugin that changes ecommerce/business

    Hello! I think it would be great to have a place to share the best plugins that totally changed your eCommerce/business with "why" and "how We can learn amazing things together! Some plugins that improved my website and sales a lot: 1. WebP Express - made my website way better optimized for...
  7. cosmo89

    Tech blog question

    I own a tech (geek) magazine site and have general listicles like articles and some how-to articles as well. Growing better, and I am thinking of having a store/sell something, what would be your suggestion? I thought to sell like Funko pop toys via dropshipping, but I little hesitant as well...
  8. ookami007

    Automated amazon affiliate store - Still plausible?

    I wanted to create a few niche amazon affiliate stores - but I want them completely automated. I was going to use Wordpress/Woocommerce and some sort of plugin that automatically imports products from the niches I'm targeting. The problem is, the more research I do, the more it looks like...
  9. B

    Outsourcing WooCommerce Wordpress Dropshipping Site Design

    Can anyone recommend a reliable source for buying a ready-made eCommerce store set up for dropshipping with WooCommerce? I have the domain and hosting, and tried Fiverr (but that was a disaster). I know basic Wordpress editing, but would prefer to focus on the product sourcing/marketing instead...
  10. K

    Need Help With Woocommerce | Setting fixed shipping rate to few products in specific cities

    Hi Experts !! I have store with woocommerce, working fine. I have set regions and different shipping rates for products. Now i want to add few products with shipping price $10 in 3 cities and $30 in all other cities. Can someone please help me how to do that. Many thanks
  11. Shabzy

    Increase sales of ecommerce/woocommerce website selling SARMs

    Hello guys, I'm looking to increase the sales of my online store which sells sarms and research chemicals. I've managed to increase sales through improving my SERP for keywords. I would like to increase this more but google ads PPC and Facebook ads are out the question. I tried to run fb...
  12. Josh Saga

    Paypal Alternatives for E-commerce Store? [Non US Based]

    Hello All, I own a small online store, not based in US (That's why I can't get Stripe) I only have Paypal as proper payment method, but I'm seeing reviews here that Paypal is very risky. Any other good alternatives? - I use Woocommerce on the store. Thanks, Josh Saga
  13. H

    How to make "Buy Now" transactions for Woocommerce

    Hello, I have a question with Woocommerce. I sell digital services on my site. I want visitors to click the "Buy Now" button while they buy products on my site and send them directly to the "pay with card details" page. I don't want to send it to the billing information or shipping address...
  14. Amar neche

    My woocommerce website start slowing down when i reach 1.5 Daily

    Hello as mentioned in title i run a woocomerce website , when i reached 1.5K daily visits i noticed on google analytics that the average load time is taking about 20 sec theoraticaly on gtmetrix it takes 3 sec. what do you suggest ? know that i'm on the stellar plus plan of namecheap that...
  15. V

    Special theme and special functions will be made for my SMM site with Wordpress Woocommerce

    First of all, I would like to state that I want to work with a friend who is an expert in WordPress theme and api. I am using a special php software that sells SMM packages. But I want to use wordpress. Detailed explanation is below. 1. I want a theme and functionality like the idigic.net...
  16. Nw_Work

    Please help to fix repeated catergories using woocommerce wp experts pls advice

    This Is what the issue looks like; https://prnt.sc/uy8orp this is when you scroll down on same page; https://prnt.sc/uy8p4s Backend woocommerce categories look like this so how come it repeats like that under sub page? https://prnt.sc/uy8pnw Best Regards, NW
  17. D

    Want to try out WooCommerce or some maybe new good alternative to Shopify

    I am thinking about setting up a grey area product store , the product is allowed, but dont want to risk being blocked by Shopify. Any advice for where I could setup the fastest WooCommerce store - themewise and hosting wise? Maybe there are some new alternatives on the market to Shopify...
  18. Wagggi

    Does Woocommerce adds Rich snippets to my Website? (Review,Price)

    Hi, Is that true?? If jes how can i add for example the Price of a Product there? the Or is a Plugin necassary?
  19. Fxgima

    {Help} Woocommerce Platform

    Hi there, I’ve come across a problem where my client has different shipping rates for different towns/cities. I have tried the postcode, but the problem is that some towns share the same postcode, but have 2 different shipping rates. Has anyone discovered a way around this at all?
  20. V

    Is there a plugin where it allows a user to have sub-accounts, where the users will be able to select which sub account they want to login as login

    Hi everyone, I'm currently using WordPress as my CMS. As mentioned in the title, is there a plugin that allows user to have sub-accounts, where the users will be able to select which sub account they want to login as after logging in. This is how it should look like after the main account is...