1. B

    want to start an affiliate program for my woocommerce store

    hey guys whats up, so basically i want to start an affiliate program for digital products in my woocommerce store but i'm a bit confused. is there anything i should know first before i start, or which plugin should i use for beginners, i have never done this before, so what would you guys...
  2. Ndiqi


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  3. P

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    BIKINI & SWIMWEAR E-COMMERCE 18-YEAR OLD PREMIUM domain name + E-commerce website for sale. Exact search match domain. Super Easy to Remember. Short and Relevant. Brandable. Uninterruptedly registered since 2006-12-07, without any drops. It's a 18-years aged domain. Please search on this...
  4. B

    is tiktok ads worth it for an IPTV subscription website

    I'm trying to get more traffic to my woocommerce will tiktok help?
  5. tazarbm

    What other good options are there for ecom sites?

    Hi everyone, I might have to build an ecom site for a friend soon, and since I've never owned an ecom site I'm pretty clueless on how to go about it. More specifically, I know that there is a WP plugin called Woocommerce that's very popular among ecom owners, but what other options are there...
  6. TooCorny

    ✅ - My List of the Best Woocommerce Themes for Wordpress

    Have been designing websites for clients and for myself for over 7 years now. I would like to give back to this forum with what I know, so here it goes. What I take into account when making this list: Visual Appeal of the Theme (I know CSS can always do the trick, but still) Functionality...
  7. purpledust

    Payment Processing Platform that supports SMM?

    First post here! I want to re-sell SMM services. I figured out that WooCommerce (Stripe) and Klarna do not support these kind of businesses. Any suggestions on how to accept payments?
  8. Cro7

    Best builder + theme for speed on WordPress?

    Hello, I have a website built on elementor, and it's not the fastest one. I read a lot about Gutenberg and many recommend it. Experts, I am asking you ---- What theme + builder is the best for woocommerce website that will be fast? Thank you in advance!!
  9. Rizwan Khattak

    High End Design/Development Services at Affordable Prices. Graphic Designs, WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify, Salespages

    Our Refund Policy: We don’t charge a dime for a design until it is approved by the client. We would charge 50% upfront only when the mock-up is approved by the client and the rest of the 50% is charged after completion of the project and before shifting the site to the client’s server. However...
  10. Bigcookies

    woocommerce search bar

    how do you guys add search bars to your woocommerce shop pages? I tried installing fibosearch and using the shortcode but the search bar is only on the first page of products I want it to be on all the pages on my shop page does anyone know how id do this or if id need a different plugin
  11. Xaggerating

    Woocommerce Thank You Page Help

    I created a thank you page and used elementor to customize it. After payment you get redirected to the page but the order details are not populating on the page. I am using woocommerce. Also, when I was seeing the details, the customizations for the details using elementor were not showing up...
  12. incognitus

    SEO traffic for e-com: Shopify vs WP?

    BHW, I know this question has been asked to death. I think my case is slightly unique and hence starting this thread. Quick story: - started Shopify store in Aug 2020, failed miserably - shop is still up, but now I plan to go back to my SEO roots and get organic traffic - this will be through...
  13. C

    Some problems encountered by woocommerce dropshipping newbies

    Hello everyone, I am new to BHW and new to dropshipping My English is not very good, please forgive me if the problem description is not good 1. Should I enable "Allow customers to place orders without an account" in "Accounts & Privacy" in woocommerce? 2. Should I enable reviews on my store...
  14. Sandie2018

    How to change the logo size on woocommerce cart and checkout pages?

    Hi guys, As in the title, I want to make the logo look smaller on the cart and checkout pages. I can't find where I could either upload a smaller logo or change the size of the existing one, which looks too big now. I am using a faltsome theme, but I don't think it matters. The feature should...
  15. Toz

    Wordpress Blog + WooCommerce Search Plugin?

    Anyone know of any high quality plugin that allows visitors to simultaneously search both WooCommerce products and blog posts on your website? Thanks
  16. E

    Woocommerce websites scraping

    Hi, Anyone know´s a tool / configuration how to find pages in a Domain-List which use woocomerce? The Google search is limited. Want to do that for like 1000 Domains.
  17. TheOne-sama

    Change Woocommerce '' Addtocart '' button by another link

    Hello guys, I need your help on this. I want to change my woocommerce shop '' Add to cart '' buttons to '' Chat with the seller on WhatsApp '' or '' Chat with the seller on Telegram ''. The behavior I need is : When the customer clicks on the button, Product title, price, short...
  18. QuanticIT

    Best and cheap client portal for VPS Proxy website?

    Hi, I have a website where I sell VPS and Proxy. I actually resell them. Like I add product and when I get a order I buy from the main Website and sell them on a higher price. I have been doing these manually. I deliver order details on email. I am using WordPress and WooCommerce. Now the...
  19. williamsharris143

    The Best SEO Plugin for a WooCommerce Store?

    What is the best SEO Plugin for a WooCommerce Store?
  20. williamsharris143

    What is the best SEO Plugin for a Woocommerce Store according to you and why?

    I am currently working on a WooCommerce SEO store and looking for some top-notch plugins which can help me do great with my store. Any suggestions and help would be a really appreciated. Since I am working on WooCommerce for the first time so even the most basic tips are welcome.