1. rafark

    As a customer what do you expect from a FREE product deal in an e-commerce site?

    I'm building a Woocommerce plugin that offers BOGO/FREE product deals. Usually, other plugins offer the ability to automatically add an extra product to the cart. However, I'm not sure how to do it if you already added that (free) product to the cart. For example. Let's say the deal is buy 1...
  2. L


  3. G

    Custom Variable Product Using Elementor Pro Help Need

    How can I Make this type to options in single product page using Elementor Pro and Woocomerce?
  4. AmeliaLily

    can I add payeer payment method in WordPress website?

    can I add payeer payment method in WordPress website? For install payeer payment have any WordPress plugin or other way?
  5. Jo sef

    parcel picker plugin for wordpress!!

    I'm asking please if there is any plugin for parcel picker like ''local driver for woocommerce'' for my wordpress website. Because I want to create a parcel picker platform by assign a picker to pick the orders to the depot before the delivery.
  6. Promise Obi

    Website Designer

    Need someone to help me Design a woocommerce site on wordpress DM me if u can do it
  7. zeffer111

    Can I drop .html extension? Kill ranking?

    I'm about to start moving my e-commerce site (been around for 10+ years with good ranking) from Magento to woocommerce. All of the pages on my old site end with .html but with the default configuration on woocommerce there is no extension. Will my ranking get killed if all of my new pages have...
  8. Danki

    [Woocommerce help] - How can I add section to a product?

    Hey guys, hope you're all fine. I'm running a bookstore website, and I'd like to add a section to encourage people more about the book (the product). I'd like to add 1 section to each product page (Quotes section). Example: Can you help me? I've tried until now a plugin call "Woolentor"...
  9. QuanticIT

    Selling Google Play Cards in WordPress - Need Suggestion

    I already sell google play, iTunes on facebook page with fb ads, I have a ecommerce website where people can order cards, but I need to manually deliver cards to their email Is there any option like I store card code and when someone complete a order they will get the code instantly on their email?
  10. See you vader

    Paying someone to do Facebook Ads for you ?

    I've seen so many dropshippers struggle with doing advertisement . Why not pay someone else to do it for you (fb ads and google ads)? Can you do it for cheap, how cheap ? Will they get you good results ? Experienced people, you are summoned.
  11. See you vader

    Woocommerce plugin to Shopify.

    I have a store on Woocommerce and will be switching to Shopify. Is there anyway to migrate the plugins from Woocommerce to Shopify and use them there ?
  12. UltraMeb

    Sportbet website with Social and Woo

    hello i need a website like www.unknownbetting.se in a new design , english content same menu , only needs to add esports it must promote a membeership for get VIP Sport bet tip and then only this member can see WooCommerce for sale subscribtion , must have also a regular one what for free...
  13. See you vader

    Finding US suppliers.

    Tired of bad Aliexpress suppliers with their late shipping time and bad communication. How do you exactly find US suppliers for your products ? Time for some faster shipping right..
  14. daimaku

    woocommerce storefront blocks plugin alternative ?

    Hello, i'm looking for the storefront blocks plugin for woocommerce, it allow to change the presentations for the store products. can't afford to pay for it right know, anyone knows about a free alternative for this plugin ? thanks in advance for all the help.
  15. Sandie2018

    Mailchimp on e-commerce site - any alternative?

    Hi guys, I am making an e-commerce site using woocommerce. I have just integrated Mailchimp for newsletters on my site and am surprised that Mailchimp collects all the store information, including store total revenue. WTF? I don't want anybody from Mailchimp staff to see my store revenue. Can I...
  16. Sandie2018

    SEO plugins and Woocommerce display problem

    Hi, I wanted to install a SEO plugin and tried Yoast, Rank Math, and SEOPress and whenever I installed the plugin, my products in Woocommerce Products tab do not display properly. Has anyone had this problem and can suggest a solution? Thanks
  17. Sandie2018

    Woocommerce shop in UK - VAT?

    Hi guys, I need advice. I live in the UK, I am making an e-commerce site (furniture niche). I am self-employed but not a VAT payer yet. How should I set the taxes in woocommerce if I don't pay VAT (at least for now)? Should there be anything in the 'taxes' field on the shopping cart page...
  18. Sandie2018

    Looking for Woocommerce expert to test my new shop

    Hi, As the title says, I am looking for a person experienced in woocommerce to test all aspects of my e-commerce shop before it goes live. It is my first shop and I am sure I have missed something due to the lack of previous experience. I need everything tested, from the order flow to payment...
  19. jacksubbi

    Amazing Ecommerce WordPress Website Design at Affordable Price

    For More PM Me or Post on My Thread
  20. H

    [Need advice] does my Seo rank will change ?

    Hi I'm currently working on developing a store using WooCommerce for a client and this client already using his website but was developed with a company and they also used wordpress but they share with the clients different platform so the client don't have access to the actual wordpress panel...